4 Reasons To Switch To A Yale Alarm

Protecting your family, home, business and belongings should be a top priority, which is why you may want to consider switching to a Yale alarm. Yale offers a broad range of products to suit the specific needs of every individual, whether those needs are basic or complex in nature. System options and features vary, with many including vital components such as a control panel, siren box, motion detector alarm, and camera. While determining what your security requirements are is an important step, you can rest assured Yale alarm systems provide quality protection day and night.

1. A High Quality Product

Quality is always a concern when selecting any security product. You need to ensure you invest in a system that is durable, effective, and reliable. This type of quality can only be found in a company that has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the alarm business. With nearly 200 years experience and distribution stretching to 125 countries Yale is a reputable, respected, and established brand. The company is recognized as an expert in the security industry and many of its original products are still being used today.

While other alarm systems simply alert individuals to possible dangers, Yale alarms take security a step further by actually keeping intruders from entering the premises, combining detection equipment with their vast array of locking mechanisms. This valuable benefit allows you to feel safe in your own home and gives you peace of mind when you are not there. Whether you choose a hard-wired or wireless alarm, CCTV kit, or even a portable alarm you can trust you are receiving a premium product that does its job.

2. Sleek Design and Innovative Features

Installing an alarm system can raise many concerns if there is a need to lift carpets, drill holes in walls, or alter home decor. Besides these concerns the last thing anyone wants are noticeable fixtures that destroy the overall appearance of a room. Yale uses innovative technology to create sleek designs suitable for any household no matter which decor style has been adopted. Wireless options, for instance, eliminate the need to disrupt or damage elements of the home, since there are no wires to hide and they are easy to install almost anywhere. In fact, most systems are so simple to install many homeowners put in the components themselves.

These alarms are also created to decrease power consumption and extend battery life, giving you value for money. The sophisticated, modern features are both functional and easy to use. Arming and disarming portions of the security system is no problem at all, so you can safely move within certain areas of your home while still ensuring your family and your belongings are safe. Many of the alarm kits are available with additional features so you will have peace of mind knowing you have the best product available.

Yale Alarm Systems3. Comparative Prices

Most insurance companies will refuse to issue a policy if a home has no measure of protection. Unfortunately many people cannot afford a basic alarm system let alone a high-end one. One advantage of switching to a Yale alarm is that there are a broad range of options to suit all budgets. No security conscious homeowner has to go without this effective form of protection any longer.

The advantages of a good alarm system far outweigh the expenses involved, but the reality is you need an excellent alarm at a low cost. Yale understands that everyone has a different set of circumstances, which is why they cater to every need. Now you can purchase a tailored system that provides maximum security for an affordable rate. Even expensive products, such as CCTV kits, can be bought at a reasonable price.

4. Customization

Working within financial limits is restricting enough, but knowing your home does not have maximum security coverage because of budget restraints is beyond worrisome. The good news is Yale can customize your security so it is affordable and you receive ultimate protection. Sometimes even a comprehensive alarm system needs adjustment. Whether you need a garage or shed alarm, additional cameras and sensors, or you simply need a basic system that will give you maximum coverage, Yale can provide. Now any lingering threat of intruders can be eliminated from your mind and you can rest assured your expectations and specifications will be met.

When deciding to switch alarm companies it is essential to take all possible options into account. Security is not something that should be compromised on, safety always comes first. Think about the reasons you are switching and if any company falls short of your expectations, or lacks any of the qualities mentioned above, seriously contemplate investing in a Yale alarm.

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