5 Most Popular Brands Of Patio Door Locks

Sliding patio doors are some of the most popular features of modern and older homes alike, and it is no surprise; not only do they provide an easy and attractive way to connect the interior of a home to a patio, garden, balcony, or other outdoor area, they also provide abundant natural light, and have a special way of making a home look welcoming from the outside, and an exterior space look welcoming from the inside. If you already have, or are considering installing patio doors, one of the most important considerations to address is that of patio door locks. The following article will discuss some of the most popular patio door lock brands, as well as the multiple sliding door lock options available on today’s market, in order to help you, the consumer, make informed and confident selections when securing your home.

There are dozens upon dozens of brands of sliding door locks to choose from, begging the question: how can one possibly select the best option? The fact is that different options are better for different people. Factors that influence which one will be best for your needs may include one or more of the following: price, reputation, reliability, quality, and warranty. When beginning your search, bear in mind that some of the most popular brand names in sliding glass door locks include Baldwin, Schlage, Masterlock Co., Defender Security, and Prime Line. These brand names offer a great variety of locks at a wide range of price points. Beginning your search with these five most popular brands will give you the opportunity to identify a general price range of the specific items you are looking for, as well as the features that may work best for your own situation.

Although the above-mentioned brands are an excellent starting point for sliding glass door lock searches, and are popular among consumers and distributors alike, do not limit your shopping to these brands simply because of their names. Additional brands that you are likely to come across in your searches may include the following: Technologylk, Anderson, Emtek, Cr Lawrence, and Kwikset. Instead of focussing on the brands of various patio door locks however, direct your focus to the nature and features of the locks themselves, as well as recent reviews from consumers that highlight their effectiveness or their flaws.

Prime Line Sliding Door LockDuring your patio door lock search, it is important to bear in mind that it is always prudent to install more than one style or type of lock, for a maximum sense of security. For instance, even if your patio door set comes with built-in locks, a secondary lock of a different style will help to make your home extra secure. The best sliding door lock brands acknowledge this fact by offering a variety of lock styles, including keyed entry options, door braces, anti-lift devices and security bolts, among others.

Thanks to the excellent patio door lock brands listed above, it is possible to enjoy all the benefits of sliding glass patio doors, while always feeling that your home is protected. Remember that in addition to brand name, it is advisable to consider the styles and functions of all locks, as well as various brands’ warranties, price points, and consumer reviews. Considering all of these factors will result in a lasting sense of comfort and security.

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