A Guide To Sliding Glass Door Locks

One of the most elegant additions to any home is a set of sliding patio doors with sliding glass door locks. They act as large bay windows filling your home with natural sunlight. Many homes built in the last ten years are pre-packaged with such doors because of their appeal and function. They serve as great ventilation during the cool spring and fall nights and are excellent insulation during the cooler winter months. Most people do not realize what good insulation glass is, especially in a double paned window design. Yet, when it comes to installing sliding doors into a home that does not have them, some people are hesitant.

One drawback that deters many people from installing sliding doors is a fear that they are not safe – that they are easy to break through. However, you should not be concerned about making it easy for a burglar to gain entrance into your home by installing them, as a glass sliding door locks in many ways. The first method of deterrence comes from the thick paned glass. The doors are made with a minimum of two, three-quarter inch panels of glass, meaning they are harder to shatter than going through your front door. In addition, most installed doors come with an interior sliding glass door lock that braces the moving component against the fixed door in the back. The bar, when in place, prevents movement from either side of the doors. Lastly, you can purchase locks that fasten the door to the sliding component and the fixed wall it seals to.

sliding glass door locksThere are a few companies that specialize in the glass sliding door lock. The BRS Sliding Door Lock by Shlage is a mid-range lock priced at a very reasonable level. It can easily be installed in custom or fitted sliding doors. It is designed to have a double slat enforcement system. One slat clamps over the top of the lock box, fixed in the wall, the other slat clamps over the bottom sealing the lock from anything but the Jaws of Life. The Kwickset PB is another design that works well to seal the lock. It clamps over top of a 2X4 and fastens in with finishing screws, meaning that when it is locked, it is not coming unlocked unless you pull the house down. Both models, and others, are specifically manufactured to be tamper proof, there are no twisting components and lock mechanisms are not accessible from an external source.

If you do not feel comfortable with the simple interior installed lock, you can also purchase exterior sliding glass door locks. The additional enforcement is great for peace of mind. Shlage and Kwickset have created models for such locks, as well as Medeco and Thunder Lock. Exterior components supplement in-door locks with a deadbolt that slides vertically through the door gripping the wall. They function similarly to an apartment door that has a chain, as a last resort lock.

When it comes time to set the locks, especially if you are using an external lock, it is a good idea to hire a locksmith or someone who has experience with installation of locking systems. Since it is tricky to cut the door to set a lock, and the mechanism depends on proper fitting, it is best to let a certified technician do the work. A lock is not safe if it is not properly built in.

With the easy access provided by sliding glass doors, you and your family can enjoy their functionality and simple beauty in your home year round. Their energy efficiency and appeal add value to any home. With the correctly installed and purpose built sliding glass door locks, you can enjoy all the benefits of a large bay window and an easy access door in one piece of equipment. During moves, the doors make a great location for big items to enter and exit the house. When locked, nothing is getting in or going out easily. Read the reviews of sliding doors if you are worried. They have higher safety ratings than standard wooden front doors and greater functionality all around. Making the choice for a glass sliding door lock could be among the best decisions you make for your home.

Additional security measures you might also want to consider include a security screen door to supplement existing access security, or a bar lock to add to a patio door lock to make it much harder to force a sliding door.

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