A Snowed-In Winter


An icy winter four years ago I came upon a life threatening disaster. My family and I had a cabin in Park City, Utah. It was a very nice homey cabin with many fun activities to do. We went there every winter throughout my childhood.

We went snowmobiling the first day we arrived and came in for a nice cup of Hot Cocoa. We were all freezing cold from head to toe. My dad started a nice fire in the fireplace and we huddled around in blankets sharing our stories from that day.

My sister told about how she flew over a jump she didn’t see, my brother spoke about how he wanted to go again the next day, and we poked fun at my mom for not having a brave bone in her body.

We laughed and stayed up all late telling stories and playing fun games. Slowly we all trickled off to our separate bedrooms while my sister and I fell asleep by the fireplace.

Looking out the Window

The next morning I woke up and immediately noticed the strange lighting coming from the windows. It was a dull light, not the normal bright light we see reflecting off a blanket of fresh snow.

I walked over to the window and saw pure white masking the window. I moved to the next window and then to the kitchen door, everything was covered in thick white snow. We were snowed in! I shouted for my family and they all came to see what my hollering was about.

They witnessed the same strange lighting that I had witnessed minutes earlier. We all gazed out the windows blankly wondering what we were to do next. My dad started up the fire again hoping to warm up the room enough for the snow to melt.

My brother had the not so brilliant idea to open the door. This caused an avalanche of snow to come racing into our front room and more snow to collapse on top of the cave in.

We then realized that it was not that it had snowed twelve feet during the night it was that all of the snow on our roof and on the surrounding Pine Trees had fallen off onto our cabin.

Heat Trace

We found out later that if we would have had heating cable from Heat Trace lining our roof then this problem would have been avoided. Heating cable has a heating element in it that melts snow and ice.

We were eventually able to escape our snowed in cabin with the help of the neighbors. However it would have been much better and saved us a lot of time and money if we would just had heating cable from the beginning.

We learned our lesson and the following year installed heat cable to our roof.

Although it was a stressful time we look back on it and laugh and we know it was in irreplaceable memory. It was a memory I will never forget.

-Maddie Williams

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