Advantages Of Honeywell Safes

The market for gun safes is vast and can be somewhat confusing. You know that quality and safety is very important, but you also don’t want to spend a fortune. Having a dependable name like Honeywell can help narrow down your search quickly, while still getting the best value and top safety. Honeywell has been around for a long time and a Honeywell home safe is very dependable. Honeywell’s gun safe line, the Executive series, is a great line for the gun user and collector. It has many different options and accessories to find the perfect gun safe for anyone.

A gun safe will generally compare favorably with a gun cabinet in terms of the level of protection offered. Gun cabinets tend to favor presentation at the expense of security, although some products are available now that come with a metal casement and toughened glass.

Honeywell safes have a storage capacity of approximately ten to twelve guns. The interior features adjustable and removable shelves, fully lined interior and a rubber-matted floor. The available locking mechanisms include traditional dial lock, key lock and electronic keypad entry. This allows the owner to determine the type of lock that will be most beneficial for them.

At the lowest-end of the Honeywell safes line is model 6720. This safe features a lever lock, three one-inch locking bolts and a ten-gun rack. Like all Honeywell gun safes, this model has a 6 mm recessed door. This prevents the door from being pried open with a crowbar or other tool. This is the most basic model for the casual gun collector. However, you can rest assured that your guns are safe and protected.

Honeywell SafesHoneywell also offers top-of-the-line features in its model 6742D home security safe. This safe has a programmable lock with optional key override attached to five one-inch locking bolts. This is very secure and difficult to break into, even for an experienced thief. In addition to a twelve gun rack and several shelves, this safe includes a locking ammunition box and mesh accessory pouch.

Honeywell safes are available at a number of retailers including Wal-Mart and Costco. However, if this is your first gun safe, it is strongly recommended that you visit a reputable safe dealer prior to purchase. A dealer will be able to answer any questions you have that a big-box store employee will most likely not be able to answer. They are also quite knowledgeable about different options and can help guide you to the best safe for your needs. Finally, a safe dealer will have a much larger selection than any discount retailer.

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