Alarm Monitoring Companies: How to Choose the Best

Unfortunately, in the society we live in today it is necessary to protect ourselves, our families, and our property from people with ill intent; those bent on burglary and in the process causing harm to life. Minimizing worry over personal safety offers peace of mind, and less stress. This allows more room for positive thoughts, focus, and productivity. Technological enhancements increasingly offer ways to provide that peace of mind in the field of security products and services.

The purpose of having a security system is to deter burglars and thieves from breaking in.  Alarm monitoring companies provide an additional service level by electronically connecting with the system and contacting the police, fire department, or ambulance in an emergency. Then they call the owner in most cases. There are some instances when the owner is contacted first. Without alarm monitoring companies, it may take longer before the authorities are contacted and help arrives.

Most people purchase a security system based on what they need. They may need something for the home, business, or personal property. Components of a complete system might include:

1. Control Panel
2. Key Pad
3. Motion sensors
4. Window contacts
5. Door contacts
6. Closed circuit TV
7. Glass break detectors
8. Panic button
9. Siren
10. Monitoring

A comprehensive system will attempt the earliest detection is from the outside first. Once inside the home or building sensors will determine the location. Closed circuit TV will identify who the intruders are in addition to their location. Carbon monoxide, smoke and other detectors might be offered as well. The company representative acts as the liaison and communicates with all necessary contacts. The representative’s response time and handling techniques as well as the technology used determines the quality of the service.

alarm monitoring companiesChoosing a reputable company should be the first filter. How to choose the good alarm monitoring company is a challenge for many people. The easiest way is to ask a friend or family member for a referral. Online research about certain outfits is also a good way to choose. Certain questions will help the process of elimination. Some of those key questions that should be asked are:

1. What are your rates?
2. How do you select your installers?
3. Are background checks performed?
4. Are representatives trained to troubleshoot?
5. Are they certified by the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association?
6. Is the service available 24 hours?
7. How long has the alarm monitoring service in question been operating?

This list is of course not exhaustive and there are other questions that will be relevant to individual circumstances and preferences. The idea is to find quality alarm monitoring services at a discount. Quality should not necessarily be sacrificed on economic grounds however. The owner would be wise to demand the best the budget will allow, even if it means eliminating some components.

Most security alarm monitoring companies will send out a representative to consult with the owner to help customize the customer’s needs. They will offer advice and make recommendations based on how much the customer is willing to spend. Some of the most recognized companies to consider are:

- Brinks Home Security
- Broadview
- First Alert
- Guardian
- Interface
- Bay Alarm

Several other reputable companies deserve consideration as well. Many will offer written proposals so the details are documented for review. Promotions are offered all the time in many localities, and online.

Alarm monitoring company reviews are good research sources for the most part. Most people who have service agreements with the best alarm monitoring companies tend to be satisfied with their response time in comparison to how much they pay monthly. This is especially true for businesses located in high crime areas. Those that are not satisfied mostly complain about malfunctioning and troubleshooting issues. One particular issue is the number of false alarms. This can be a problem for both client and company.

False alarms can become costly; after a couple of occurrences the fire department has been known to charge $50 for each subsequent one, and burglar alarm call outs may even be refused on the basis of multiple false alarms. Family members should have a briefing so that everyone is clear on using the equipment and the timing they have to arm and disarm the system. Trusted neighbors can be on the lookout, especially if there are no monitoring services used. Burglar alarm monitoring companies are invaluable to people who use them. They go to sleep every night knowing that there is someone at the helm making sure the family or business is safe from intruders.

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