Alarm Monitoring Services

Buying peace of mind and the safety of family and property is well worth the investment in a home security system and alarm monitoring services. The statistics are frightening; every 14 seconds a home is burglarized and most break-ins take place between 6 AM and 6 PM when people are at work. Finding the best alarm service provider takes a little time but is relatively simple. A homeowner locates different monitoring companies, calls them, invites them to inspect the property, compares the different plans and signs on the dotted line with the best burglar alarm monitoring service offer on the table.

Alarm monitoring service companies are relatively easy to find. They are advertising primarily on the Internet but also in local newspapers, on television and the radio. Many progressive companies wanting to expand contact with potential clients through call centers or direct mail campaigns too. All security companies should clearly state they are licensed, bonded and insured. Checking with the local Better Business Bureau will guarantee only reputable companies are called, saving the homeowner time in the search for security.

The purpose of the call is to interview and then decide on three or four alarm monitoring companies that are worth inviting to do a personal inspection of the property. The telephone call should be answered quickly and routed to a sales representative able to answer basic questions about the cost of monthly monitoring and equipment purchase prices. The salesperson should also be able to set a time and date for a representative to meet the homeowner at the property.

Alarm Monitoring ServicesThe inspection is the most important part of the process; this agent represents the company and gives you a good idea of the company’s attention to detail as much as their own. The representative should inspect the outside and inside of the dwelling and make notes regarding exterior doors and windows. The inspector should be thorough, ask questions about the homeowner’s needs and make suggestions for added security or ways to reduce risks without trying to push through sales of as much coverage and kit as possible.

Home security systems can be as simple as sounding an alarm when a door or window is opened or much more complex. Systems offer motion detectors, audio detectors and video cameras with remote access accessible from cell phone or an office PC. These detectors and video cameras can be placed in any location the homeowner wants including entrance areas, backyards and front walks. Special sensors warn of other dangers like flood sensors alerting homeowners to water leaks, low temperature sensors allowing the temperature to be increased to a level of comfort before arriving home and glass breakage detectors to indicate a problem. Fire and carbon monoxide detectors provide another layer of protection for loved ones.

Wireless systems are easier to install and can be removed and transported with the homeowner to a different house. Some systems are still designed to use hard wires; electrical wires must be run from the exterior openings to the alarm box. Security alarm monitoring systems usually have one or two access panels to alarm and turn off the system. These panels are placed in a convenient area by the front or back door for efficiency; having a panel in the master bedroom makes it easy to set the alarm before retiring in the evening.

Security systems are divided into areas and once a home alarm monitoring service receives an alert, they can tell where the breach was. If police are sent, the police are informed the rear door or the bedroom window in the right front of the house was opened, saving time in their investigations. The system should have space to add another zone or two in the event the homeowner wants to expand the service to include new areas like the garage or basement area.

Once the inspection is completed, the representative will prepare a written quote for the homeowner. This quote will have detailed information about the equipment provided, the cost of the equipment if any, the cost of the installation if any and the monthly monitoring fee. Many times alarm monitoring services provide the equipment, or part of the equipment and installation free in exchange for a monitoring contract for 12 months, 24 months or even longer. By comparing the quotes from different home alarm monitoring services the homeowner will determine which company offers the most security at the most reasonable price.

Once a contract is signed, the security system should be installed within a day or two. Smart homeowners check the system periodically to make sure the alarm monitoring company is alert and ready to spring into action the moment a breach in the security system is discovered. Now is the time to notify the homeowner’s insurance company of this added protection. Many insurance companies will reduce homeowners insurance up to 20% because of the risk reduction.

With this fantastic new home security installation in place, the homeowner can relax. They have done all that is possible to protect their property, loved ones and pets from unexpected and unwanted intruders and other threats. Effectively, remote security monitoring will have bought peace of mind.

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