Alarm Monitoring Software

Whether you are looking for alarm monitoring software for your home or business, there are plenty of options to choose from. The only way to find the best alarm monitoring software is to look at the choices that are available and compare the options and features of each one. Most large companies will require central alarm monitoring software, which allows monitoring of multiple locations at a central monitoring station. Home users will be better served by choosing home burglar alarm monitoring software, which is much more affordable.

Central Alarm Monitoring Software

A-traq™ has two software packages for central monitoring stations. Atraq™ Enterprize® is designed for use with large monitoring stations such as those used by large alarm companies. This version of the software can be used to monitor up to three million subscribers at one time. Obviously, only the largest corporations will require software this powerful. A-traq™ Lite® is for smaller alarm monitoring stations. It has the same features as Atraq™ Enterprize® but can only handle 30,000 subscribers. This is plenty for most businesses.

Both of the alarm monitoring software packages offered by A-traq™ can issue alerts whenever a specific store location is opened early or closed late. The alert message tells the owner which store, along with providing the store phone number, time of event, and the user who entered the code. The software also allows for billing to either the individual store or the company headquarters for customers with multiple store locations.

Alarm Monitoring SoftwareAzSecurity Control doesn’t sell a stock software package. Instead, the company creates customized solutions to fit the needs of alarm monitoring companies. AzSecurity has expertise in GPS tracking and two-way voice communications. They also offer online account access.

Patriot provides competitively-priced security alarm monitoring software. There are optional modules available that allow you to incorporate extra features if you need them. Because these are separate modules, you only pay for the options you will actually use. Patriot’s software is compatible with all of the most popular alarm formats and receivers, so you don’t need to worry about replacing your existing equipment.

SIMS (Security Information & Management Systems, Inc.) is the leading provider of alarm monitoring software for central security stations worldwide. SIMS alarm monitoring software can handle the requirements of any size of client, whether you have ten customers or two million. Some of the features provided by this software include paperless storage, remote access, and a Disaster Recovery Center that receives nightly backups in case your data needs to be restored due to a fire or natural disaster.

Home Alarm Monitoring Software

NextAlarm provides enhanced alarm monitoring services to homes and businesses. Some of their features include an alarm broadband network, e-notify and e-notify latchkey, an online signal log, outside access point, an online test mode, and online account access. Their non-dispatch plans start at $11.95 per month.

MyAlarm provides alarm monitoring service without a contract if you already own an alarm system, so you are never locked in to the service. Their features include the ability to talk to a live operator if there is an emergency, online activity reporting and automated alerts delivered by e-mail and text messaging. Their base rate is $19.95 per month.

Freeware and Shareware Home Alarm Monitoring Software

For those who can’t afford alarm monitoring software that comes with a monthly fee, there are several packages that can be downloaded online for free. Most of these alarm monitoring software programs do not come with any type of guarantee, so proceed with caution. Some of them are freeware, but others are either shareware or trial versions of alarm monitoring software packages that require a purchase if you decide to keep using them.

The shareware alarm monitoring software available includes RoboNanny, PC-Alarm and Security System, SecuritySkillz, VirtGuard, Security Monitor Pro, SurveillizCam Lite, MobiGarda, INetAlertView, WebCam Monitor, XtraSense Surveillance, SurveillizCam, and SmartVMD Inspector. EyeLine Video Surveillance Software is a freeware alarm monitoring program that was designed to monitor businesses with multiple locations, and WatcherForYou has a trial version available.

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