An Explanation of Fireproof Box Fire Ratings

A fire can sweep through your home, destroying everything in its path, within minutes. A fireproof box is one option if you are considering investing in some kind of protection. These boxes are specifically designed to protect the important papers and special mementoes that are irreplaceable to you. Made from thick fire-retardant metal with fireproof material between the layers, a fireproof box will not allow the contents to overheat or combust as specified by their fire rating.

There are many fireproof waterproof safe options available as well which will protect your valuables in the event of flooding too, either by natural disaster or as a result of the actions of the fire service in putting out a fire.

Fireproof boxes vary in price depending on their individual rating. This rating is given based on the temperature of the heat it can withstand as well as the amount of time it can remain secure in that temperature. They are also designed to withstand elements such as smoke and water however the rating it receives comes mainly from the heat and flame aspect. The fire protection level is also known as the box’s UL rating. UL or Underwriters Laboratories is an unbiased company that tests each individual fire proof box in various scenarios and awards them one of 3 ratings classes.

A Class A rating is the highest rating a fireproof or fire safe box can be awarded. This means Class A fireproof boxes can withstand temperatures and fire of up to 2000 degrees for several hours without compromising the integrity of its contents. A Class B rating is for heat up to 1850 degrees and a Class C, 1700 degrees. Both B and C classes have a time frame of up to 1 hour. When you are shopping for a fireproof box to suit your personal needs you should always consider which class rating is appropriate for you or consult a sales representative who can advise you on the best one.

Fireproof Box Fire RatingsSome reputable fireproof box manufactures have even committed to a replacement guarantee if your box fails to do what the rating has stated it would. Although most things you need to store are irreplaceable it is impressive that these companies can stand behind their product with so much assurance. You should always ensure that the latch has been closed properly at all times or the fireproofing will fail and the guarantee will not stand.

When you think about the documents you have that need to be protected, the list is limited but important. From birth certificates and wills to shares certificates and bonds, not to mention family heirlooms and jewelry, it really is crazy to not have them properly stored in a secure location.

Photos are irreplaceable. Once they are gone, they are gone. It is definitely well worth spending some money to keep them safe. It is an investment your whole family will benefit from and typically prices are very affordable.

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