Choosing The Right Apartment Alarm System

There are many options to choose from when it comes to installing an apartment alarm system where you live. Apartment living offers many comforts and perks, however ensuring your apartment is safe and secure from break-ins and theft is important if you are to have peace of mind and enjoy your apartment living. Many apartment complexes do not provide adequate protection for their tenants so if you want to ensure your home is well protected, acquiring the appropriate alarm system is a step in the right direction.

How do you choose the right apartment alarm system for your dwelling? The following are some tips and ideas of what you can look for in a home security system that may help you make the right choice.

One feature most people look for in apartment alarm systems is the sound capability of the alarm; in other words, they want a product that emits a sound loud enough to frighten an intruder away immediately upon hearing it and to alert your neighbors that a possible intruder is entering your home. As alarms come in a variety of strengths and frequencies, you should choose the alarm sound which you feel would be most effective for the area where you live. Some options include loud wailing sirens to beeping noises to the sound of a large dog barking. In addition, as most apartments are situated very close to each other, it would be a good idea to inform your neighbors that you have purchased an alarm so they too can be aware of possible intrusions if they hear it go off and respond accordingly.

Apartment Alarm SystemAlong with the loudness of your alarm, many monitored systems feature a built-in silent alarm mode which will alert your local police department when someone is breaking into your home. At the same time as your audio alarm is blasting away, the silent alarm is going off at the police station to notify them of the intrusion. In this way you have double protection from your system. Major name brands of alarm systems for apartments are built to provide you with the optimum protection you require. Of course, the more features your alarm system has the higher the cost. Some electronic alarm systems for apartments are very costly and unless your living style is such that you require the very top end in protection, it is better that you match the kind of alarm you buy with your specific need in mind as well as your budget.

There are basically two types of alarms systems you can choose from: wired systems or wireless ones. There are pros and cons to each of these kinds and by researching what each has to offer you will be in a better position to choose the one that will benefit you most. Wireless systems in the past had problems with accident triggering of the alarm but contemporary models have undergone major improvements in this area to provide greater effectiveness while still maintaining reasonable prices. Besides their reasonable cost, other advantages of these systems include ease of installation which you may be able to do yourself, and in the event of a move, they are easily removed to take with you when you go.

In contrast, the wired systems are more permanent in nature, being connected to your apartment fixtures, and are much more expensive to buy. If you opt for the wired system, you should also be prepared to pay for the possible costly and complicated installation process necessary to make it a non-movable fixture and you may want to consult with your landlord before proceeding to make sure he is in agreement. Both systems have capability for monitoring intrusion from both the windows and doors of your apartment so that you get the best security possible.

An alternative security solution is simply to purchase and paste alarm system stickers on your door and/or windows which informs everyone upon reading that your apartment is protected with an alarm. It could be that a prospective burglar would consider it too risky to attempt breaking in upon seeing these warnings. However, in the event a would be intruder decides to “test” your home to verify your warning, the results could be detrimental unless you have an operational system in place to back up the warnings. So it is a decision worth carefully considering.

You can find a quality electronic alarm system for apartments through a local home security systems store or via online manufacturers. Shopping online offers you the opportunity to comparison shop the different kinds of alarm systems as well as different name brands, compare their features, research their individual qualities and compare prices. Whichever system you choose, making sure you acquire a good quality product will ensure you and your family receive the protection you deserve. While there is no sure proof guarantee that your home will never suffer a break-in or theft, investing in a home security system can provide freedom from fear and worry and maybe even help you sleep that little bit better at night.

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  1. George Roberts says:

    I use a wireless home security system from Simplisafe.
    Wasn’t too expensive, and I get to take it with me. I like having a remote too!

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