Side Gate Security Locks And How To Secure Your Gate

Side Gate Security

The type of home that a burglar will look for is one that is empty for long periods of time during the day, that has easy access and lots of covered areas where they can slink around without being noticed as well as good escape routes that are easily accessible. One of the main ways burglars gain entrance to a home is via the front door.  They also often try Read more »

Putting In Your Own Alarm System

Putting In Your Own Alarm System

Fitting an alarm system for your home used to be the domain of qualified professionals who charged a small fortune for their services. Luckily the new wireless systems are pretty easy to install if you have a little know how and an instruction booklet handy. The easiest to install are the wireless alarms because you only need a limited knowledge of wiring. The first consideration is where to put the Read more »

Stair Carpet Rods: Practical And Decorative

Stair Carpet Rods

Stair carpet rods have been a staple in homes with carpet runners since the Victorian era and are both practical and decorative in nature. They are practical because they keep the carpet runner in place and prevent it from bunching. A bunching carpet runner is not only and eyesore but also a safety hazard as people can trip on it. Another practical purpose for carpet rods is that they Read more »

That Indispensable Velcro Strip

Velcro Strip

Basically a Velcro strip is composed of two parts. Used for fastening things together, the piece of nylon adheres to the other by means of minute hooks. Sewing Each Strip A lot of people like the idea of using it for clothes and accessories because of its convenience. It is as simple as sewing each of the parts to the corresponding position. Common accessories that make use of Read more »

Rating Of Different Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems

There are more than a few different home security systems you can install onto your custom home to help protect your family.  However, with all of the different types of systems, it is easy to see how it can be hard to make a final decision on the type you purchase.  Using a basic home security systems rating, you can easily see how the different types stack up Read more »

More About Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt Locks

We are quite familiar with door knobs and many other types of security solutions for our home but have you ever heard of a deadbolt lock? You might well have but have you really given it much attention? With the rising cases of break-ins and home intrusions, it can be quite helpful if we familiarized ourselves with deadbolt locks and how they work. We might have heard about this kind Read more »

Basic Burglar Alarm Safety

Basic Burglar Alarm Safety

Often it’s the little things that keep intruders away and it’s a great first defense for a burglar alarm.  The first thing to realize is if a burglar wants to get into your house bad enough they’ll find a way.  However, precautions taken will limit the their chances of gaining entry into your home. First, consider a burglar alarm sign. If you have a burglar alarm that’s obviously much Read more »

Wooden Jewelry Armoire: A Great Way to Store Your Jewelry

Wooden Jewelry Armoire

Organizing jewelry can be one of the biggest hassles, especially if you’ve got plenty of it.  There are many ways to organize it though, some styles are more effective than others.  There are ways of hanging your jewelry on racks, like one might do for a display case in a store.  There are also different kinds of jewelry boxes that can be used with varying degrees of success.  However, if Read more »

Home and Apartment Security

Home And Apartment Security

If you are aware of security in your home or apartment then chances are you have already fitted a home or apartment alarm system to keep your property and family safe from harm. To take it to the next level you should think about employing an alarm monitoring company to keep a careful eye on your house. Although alarm systems are seen to be one of the first defences Read more »

The First Rule for Car Jacks is Safety

Car Jacks

Car jacks are practically designed to help car owners either lift or lower their cars for a period of time to assist in repairing. Jack stands are especially helpful in these functions because they hold the cars in place while repair is being executed. They are used to support the weight of the automobiles. To be able to be assured of safety, the user must consider the safe working load Read more »