Create an Action Plan for Floods

Suffering water damage in San Diego due to floods is one of the most destructive disasters that can be incurred upon a home or structure. The introductions of even small amounts of water into a San Diego home or structure can cause extensive damage to both the structure itself and to an individual’s or family’s [...] Read more »

Knowing the Health Impact of Mold

Mold is a dangerous growth which has the potential to poison people who breathe in the air around it. It will commonly will grow in warm and damp areas, and is very adept at surviving and reproducing itself. Mold is toxic to be around due to the spores released as it propagates. Essentially, mold will [...] Read more »

Preparing for Winter

As Thanksgiving approaches and the first winter storms of the year begin to strike across the nations, people in Chicago find themselves gearing up for another winter in the Midwest. Residence of Chicago are no strangers to the devastating effects of winter weather on such things as their property and personal possessions, but as the [...] Read more »

Rebuilding after a Disaster

Disasters do a lot of damage and harm when they impact an area. The damages and suffering have the potential to be quite severe. There is no way to fully predict when something will happen, which is why emergency preparation is so important. Those who make the effort to be prepared and ready should be [...] Read more »

What to Do With Your Broken PS3

If you’ve had your PlayStation 3 for a while, you may have experienced damage. Perhaps you have moved recently and the box got dropped. Perhaps you have small children, siblings, or nieces and nephews who don’t understand that a PlayStation is not the kind of toy they can take around the house. Whatever the case, [...] Read more »

Not Your Mother’s Gun Safe

So you come running into your home, only to find that he beat you there. You look at him. He looks at you. “How did you know?” you ask. “Because you’re rich.” He answers. Of course he knew. You should’ve put your safe somewhere other than the desk drawer in your million-dollar study.  All rich [...] Read more »