Why An Auto Locksmith Service Is Better

Locks on doors, chests, trunks and other items are usually serviced by a locksmith.  Many people have heard of this term and know to look for it in a phone book or online if they are locked out of their home or need some type of lock opened.  This is all great but what if you are locked out of your car?  Your fist instinct may be to call a towing service, which is a great way to get into your car if you want to pay them fifty dollars to do it for you and also wait for an hour for them to get there.  This is where an auto locksmith can be a huge help.  These trained professionals are as savvy and knowledgeable as regular locksmiths however, they specialize in vehicle locks.  Getting you into your car to drive away is one thing they can help you accomplish, however this service is useful for all your auto lock needs whether you are locked out of your trunk, cannot get your locks to work or something has become damaged.

A towing service on average takes about 30 to 40 minutes to arrive after you call.  This is a fast time and you could be waiting much longer to get into the car you locked yourself out of.  Add into the mix bad weather, a child trapped in the car, or a deadline and you may as well just break your own window and get in.  Not to mention that these services are very expensive.  While memberships to auto clubs can minimize these expenses, there are often limitations to the number of times you can use them in a given time period.  Auto LocksmithAn auto locksmith however only specializes in car locks and is not busy towing cars.  Calling these businesses will ensure fast service and since all they deal with is locks, the prices will be much more reasonable.   They are also not busy towing cars or doing other unrelated work so they can attend to your call more quickly than a towing service.

You can use auto locksmith services for other car lock issues.  Say you are not locked out of your car cabin but have locked your keys in your trunk.  Towing services often use rudimentary tools such as wedges and hooks or maybe a shim to get into your car’s cabin.  These tools are useless when trying to obtain access to a trunk.  An emergency auto locksmith has sophisticated instruments to open the lock on your car’s trunk without a key and also without damaging anything else on the car.

Sometimes we are all in a hurry and we do foolish things that we would not otherwise have done like breaking a key off in a lock.  This type of damage can be incredibly difficult to fix and even more difficult to fix without damaging other components.  A mobile auto locksmith will be well trained to handle this type of predicament.  These professionals have a lot of experience on the intricacies of various auto lock designs and will be able to fix the lock without damaging your door or other lock components.

The next time you accidentally lock yourself out of your vehicle consider calling a local auto locksmith instead of a towing service.  These individuals will be able to make it out to you much faster than a towing company because their only business is fixing locks and not towing cars.  If you have a specific type of problem like having your keys locked in your trunk or a broken key in the door, auto locksmiths are much better equipped and trained to handle these types of situations.

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