Best Baby Gates For Stairs

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With so many baby gates on the market, parents and parents-to-be can have a difficult task ahead of them finding the right ones for their home. There are gates for the tops and bottoms of stairs, for living rooms and entranceways, gates that are meant to be permanently fixed and stationary and gates that can be picked up, folded up, and carried with the family when away on holiday. It is for this reason that this baby gates for stairs product reviewe has been assembled to help parents evaluate the onslaught of gate options available to them.

Baby Gate For Stairs

KidCo G15 Center Gateway with Walk Through Pressure Gate

The KidCo G15 is a marvel of baby-proofing engineering. It is a pressure gate, meaning that it is held in place by pressure, not nails or screws or fasteners. The upside to this is that walls or woodwork such as banisters do not need to be drilled into, making it one of the better baby gates for stairs with banisters. There are no fasteners to be lost or stepped on, which is always a plus. The downside is that the gate is not as firmly planted. However, it is still sufficient to offer protection and can be moved around the house to block off whatever area needs to be at that moment. The body of the gate is stationary and the swinging door allows adults to pass through. It is made of strong steel and can fit passageways from 29.5 inches across to 37.5 inches across.

In addition to actual baby gates, KidCo also offers an excellent option for people who use their baby gates for stairs with spindles. The KidCo Y Spindle pack, which is extremely cheap, replaces pressure-mounting pads and allows the gate to be pressured in place by the spindles of the stairway. These come in white, and have rubber hoods to prevent scratching on the woodwork.

If price were an issue, the best solution would be the Evenflo Crosstown Soft Portable Travel Gate. A pressure gate, it can be adjusted to fit numerous doorways, from 38 inches wide to 60 inches wide. In addition to its length, it can fit openings that are uneven, and is 27 inches high. While it is not very costly, that does not mean it is of poor quality. The Soft Portable Travel Gate is all that. It is made of soft, sturdy mesh; it can be broken down and carried in a handy transport bag that comes included with it. The sides can be collapsed speedily and folded. Since it is meant to be taken places, the Travel Gate comes in beautiful neutral colors, so it will look great wherever it is being used.

The whole idea behind a baby gate is so that the baby will not be injured somehow. Often, gates are made of metal and running into or falling on the gate, itself can hurt the baby. An excellent choice is to get wooden baby gates for stairs, such as Safety 1st’s Wooden Swing Gate. Made of an excellent dark wood, this gate is mounted to a piece that in turn is mounted to the wall for a very firm and impregnable blockage. While it costs a little more than some baby gates for stairs, it is still affordable and with its espresso colouring it looks stylish too.

Another excellent option when looking for a good gate is retractable baby gates for stairs. Retractable gates, such as the Dream Baby Retractable Gate (model # L820), are made of strong mesh, and are stretched from hardware mounts mounted in passageways. This gate comes with two sets of hardware so the gate can be used in two locations in the home. Retractable gates are lightweight but durable, and are some of the most aesthetically pleasing gates on the market. As far as cost goes, they run towards the more expensive side. These are best used on entryways that are not in continued use by adults. One of the best benefits of this Dream Baby gate is its size: it can span passages of up to 55 inches wide.

EvenFlo’s Top of Stair Gate (which works well on the bottom of the stairs as well) is a popular model. It features a swinging gate mounted in the stationary walls of the gate, which can be easily opening by adults but is childproof. It is 30 inches high, and can secure areas from 28 inches to 42 inches across. The Top of Stair is a hardware-mounted gate, so it must be secured to the wall. However, this means a more immoveable gate, and hence, more sturdy.

Hopefully this briefing on the best baby gates for stairs will prove helpful as parents search for the gate that fulfills their needs and keeps their little ones safe. It is important to always look at many gates and get a feel for the market price and what features should be expected.

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