Basic Burglar Alarm Safety

Often it’s the little things that keep intruders away and it’s a great first defense for a burglar alarm.  The first thing to realize is if a burglar wants to get into your house bad enough they’ll find a way.  However, precautions taken will limit the their chances of gaining entry into your home.

First, consider a home security sign. If you have a burglar alarm that’s obviously much better than just having a sign but if you can’t afford a system the sign will deter many burglars from attempting to enter your home.

Second, put up flood lights that will startle potential or actual intruders and alert you and the neighbors that something’s going on outside your home.  These are fairly inexpensive and available at most big box hardware and home and garden stores.

Third, take the time to prune back your bushes and trees so someone would not easily be able to hide in or behind them.  This is also helpful in the unlikely but possible scenario when you’re coming home late and someone might be waiting for you.  It’s also good because if there’s nowhere to hide the likelihood of someone breaking in through a window is decreased.

Basic Burglar Alarm SafetyNext consider doing something that’s obvious and very few people do, go around and check your doors and windows each night prior to going to bed to make sure everything is locked and secured.  This may seem like overkill, but it only takes one slipup on your part to cause a major home burglary.

Watch what you say, if you have valuables in your home or if you or someone in your home is going away on travel don’t broadcast it.  What you say is picked up by people and it can be used against you.  Consider how you communicate on sites like Facebook; the mention of leaving on vacation tells the world the house is is pretty much open house; there will be no danger of a burglar bumping in to the owner so they’ll have plenty of time to find and remove your most valuable possessions at their leisure.

Common sense is the best thing to make use of in taking care of your safety and the safety and security of your home; it doesn’t have to be big and expensive changes you make.

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