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When looking for the best motion detector on the market, one should take into account a few factors to help determine how to make the choice. For instance, one should consider if the motion detector alarm is to be used indoors or outdoors. If the homeowner has pets, he or she has to consider if the pet can constantly accidently trigger the motion sensor alarm. Choosing among the best motion detectors is simply a matter of looking at features and determining which ones are most compatible with one’s needs.

For instance, StreetWise has a strobe motion alarm and chime that comes with a remote control. This wireless device is easy to install and comes with one of the best motion detector lights on the market with a strobe light that can also be used as an emergency light. The sensor can detect motion up to 30 feet away by a 120-degree wide radius. The infrared remote controlled device can be easily programmed and is actually relatively inexpensive.

General Electric also has a higher end device in the form of the GE 51209 Smart Home wireless motion sensor alarm that comes with a programmable keypad. However, the range is slightly shorting, detecting motion up to 20 feet away. Like the StreetWise device, it too sounds a 120dB alarm unless it is deactivated. It also has both alarm and chime functions. Furthermore, it has a delay to prevent response to false alarms. This alarm can be used as a freestanding device or it can be mounted onto a surface.

Control Products offers the MA-S01 battery powered mini alarm motion sensor. This infrared motion sensor can detect motion up to 20 feet away and has an alarm slightly louder than the others have at 130 decibels, which sounds for 30 seconds before automatically resetting. This device also includes a remote control that fits on a keychain and it can be used to disarm the alarm. The sensor’s delay allows for trouble free entry and exiting when arming and disarming the device. This sensor from Control Products is one of the higher end devices, so one can expect to pay more for it.

Best Motion Detector

Control Products MA-S01 Battery-Powered MiniAlarm Motion Sensor

Someone looking for an outdoor motion detector may try Jobar’s the U.S. Patrol driveway patrol infrared wireless system. This weather resistant device sends an alarm when someone crosses its path with a pleasing charm sound rather than a blaring alarm. The unit can send a signal to a receiver up to 400 feet away. However, one has to set up this relatively inexpensive device at least four feet from the ground to avoid errors with interference.

These are a few of the factors one has to consider when trying to determine the best motion detector to fit his or her security needs. Many of these devices are inexpensive and have a good range for detecting motion. Many also have safeguards to prevent false alarms and can be easily installed since they tend to be wireless. One just has to determine which features are most important.

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