Biometric Gun Safe

There are varieties of options to protect your firearm investments.  Gun safes are one of the best remedies, as they are made from thick gauge steel and are heavy and hard to move.  While many of these are some of the best security options, new technology has made them even more secure.  A biometric gun safe is more practical and safer than traditional guns safes.  There are no combinations or keys to be lost or stolen.  This article will give an overview of what biometrics are general costs of biometric gun safes and some reasons why they can be more secure than traditional safes.

What Is Biometrics?

Biometrics loosely defined is the techniques and methods used by machines to identify human subjects based on physical characteristics and behavior.  Physical attributes can include DNA, fingerprints, retina or facial identification and body type.  Biometric Gun SafeThis technology has been applied mainly in security fields such as for safes, secure entrances, computer system access, and other applications.  The most common physical characteristic used by biometrics to identify users of a safe is the fingerprint.

A biometric gun safe can come in a few different styles such as for long rifles, handguns or a mixture of both.  One of the most recognizable models of a biometrics safe is the handgun safe, which is a smaller rectangular design with varying sizes that can hold one or a handful of guns.  This type of biometrics gun safe is characterized by four molded finger indentations on the top of the safe where the biometrics are exposed.  The user opens the safe by pushing a series of these biometric finger placements in a particular order.  Some models can store several fingerprints in memory however you can put in as little as you want for limited access.

A long rifle biometric safe is similar to a typical long rifle safe except the lock will necessarily be biometric instead of a combo lock.  Some models have built in biometrics however commonly the lock is the only thing equipped with this technology and it can be changed out quite easily by a dealer.  These locks have the same features as a handgun bio safe however usually only one finger is needed to be placed over the key pad instead of pressing a sequence of finger print readers. Other specific use models include the smaller biometric handgun safe or the biometric pistol safe. Easy to hide under the bed and gain quick access in an emergency.

The Advantages of a Biometric Safe

The advantages of biometric safes are that they care more secure than traditional safes and they are easier and faster to open.  If you are an avid gun collector and hunter, but have a family with young children, a biometric safe is much more practical.  Young children or other unauthorized users can obtain number combinations or keys and access weapons when adults are not around creating a dangerous situation.  Putting your finger over a reader and having a computer recognize it and grant you access to a safe takes less than a few seconds whereas entering a number combination or trying to find a key takes several minutes.  If for some reason you have to get at your guns quickly, this would not be ideal.


Prices for a handgun or rifle safe of this type vary by retailers and specific features.  Generally, a basic handgun biometric safe, sometimes also called a fingerprint safe, will retail for 300 to 500 dollars depending on how many guns it can hold or additional extras.  This may seem somewhat steep; however, it is a token price for the added piece of mind you get for the technology involved and these safes are small enough to be stored in a dresser or drawer. If you want something a little more affordable, consider used gun safes which will typically be heavily discounted but in many cases perfectly functional. However, if you are going for a used fingerprint gun safe, it is important you check that the locking mechanism can be cleared and reset and that the biometric functionality is in good condition.

Biometric long rifle cases can go for significantly more because of their size and added functionality.  Decent security safes retail for about 600 to 800 dollars and there are models that can go up to 4,000 or 5,000 dollars.  These feature interior carpeting and shelving; extra drawers that can lock inside, biometric locks, and they are virtually immovable.

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