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Biometric gun safes are safes that use the uniqueness of one’s biological makeup to allow access to the safe. This can be through a retina scan, DNA, or most commonly fingerprinting. For gun safes the most common and available safes use fingerprints. There are also behavioral biometric readings such as typing rhythm, gait (body movement), or vocal.

The biometrics gun safe is becoming increasingly popular as people become more aware of the dangers of having unsafe firearm locations. The technology that was once foreign to us and something that we only saw in spy movies has become common in order to increase safety. Now it is not hard to find a biometric gun safe in sports stores and in online stores.

A safe especially made for guns (smaller guns such as handguns) is the Gunvault Multi Vault Biometric Gun Safe. This safe can register up to 30 fingerprints, but it also has a soft lining that can support valuables like pistols without scratching them. This safe is expensive, and it looks nice. One would think that this means that it has superior quality, but a biometric gun safes review finds that various users comment that it seems that it is not quite up to the safety that it should be. Many say that this safe has a door that is hard to close, and to get it to close one has to tighten some screws in exactly the right position. In addition, the same goes for keeping it closed. Some customers complain that a simple bump on the top of the safe can knock it open, which is not how a safe is supposed to be.

Biometric Gun SafesA more well received safe that is manufactured to hold firearms is the LockSAF biometric fingerprint safe. This device seems to run the smoothest with the fingerprint-unlocking device. Some bio lock reviews say it can take up to fifteen scans to open a safe, and even then, sometimes they just do not open. The most scans that someone would need for this is two, as it seems to always open on the second scan and often open on the first. This is an important feature, since the smaller safes like this one are used for home protection. One does not want to have to scan his or her finger repeatedly into a device when they think their family or self may be in trouble.

A very good biometric safe that can often be picked up at a discount is the BARSKA Biometric Safe. It is a relatively inexpensive model compared to other biometric gun safes for sale, but it should be noted that it is not especially made for guns and is not large enough to store rifles. It would be great for an ammo or as a pistol safe, and it can store more than thirty fingerprints if more than one person needs access to it. It has a simple style, as it is black with chrome features to contrast it. A small chrome plate on the front that can be removed and a key can be used to open the safe. The fingerprint device uses a button next to it to turn it on, and a green light on the device indicates when it is turned on.

When looking at the overall picture, the LockSAF is arguably the best choice. It is slightly lighter than the Gunvault, but it has around the same dimensions. It is a lot more expensive than the BARSKA but has more space inside and the locking feature is more accurate with its scans. It is only slightly more expensive than the Gunvault and is superior in almost every way. If you are worried about the effect on your wallet, the BARSKA may be a good choice as it is not nearly as problematic as safes like the Gunvault according to review comments. Alternatively, you may want to check out the used gun safes market; providing the biometric system can be re-set and is in good working order, these can be a real bargain and the safe itself should be robust enough to be just as functional as a new purchase.

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  1. Scott Marsh says:

    Just purchased the Inprint Biometric Safe. Single swipe, so easy you can open with your eyes closed and stores 15 fingerprints, great quality and only $299.00. Website is Website says American made which is important to me. Hard to find products made here these days.

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