Browning Gun Safes For Sale

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There are many options available for a person looking for Browning gun safes for sale. Every gun owner knows that a gun safe is a necessity for keeping both his property safe from intruders and the family safe from his property. Guns in the home are more secure when they are locked up in a safe. Gun safes come in a variety of styles and designs; each safe also offers different features. All of these considerations contribute to the price each safe will sell for.

Some gun owners might choose a custom Browning gun safe for sale. This option will be the most expensive choice, but it has many advantages. Custom safes have all the security features that a cheaper safe will have and they can be built according to each individual’s preferences. This means they will be buying a one of a kind gun safe. Among the customizable features are the color, featured theme, interior layout, and security lock selection. These custom safes can include pistol racks and dehumidifiers as well.

The customization options are available in the Platinum Plus line of Browning gun safes for sale. This top of the line product is equipped with a 3/16” steel body that can provide over 2 hours of standard fire protection at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. It has adjustable interior shelving with a microfiber covering. For security, the Platinum PP65F series safe is constructed with pry-stop corner bolts and a reinforced 1 5/16” Duo-Formed door. The dimensions for this option are 72 inches tall, 48 wide and 28 deep; it weighs in at 1675 pounds.

A mid-range option is the Browning Medallion gun safe. This M56F Series also allows for some customization but is in a class below the Platinum. It is constructed using 10-gauge steel and comes with a five-spoke door handle. The fire protection is rated at 90 minutes at 1200 degree temperatures. The dimensions for this model are 72 inches tall, 48 wide, and 28 deep; it weighs 1,365 pounds.

Browning Gun Safes For Sale

Browning 6Medallion Series Premium Gun Safe 16042-X

A second option in the Medallion line is the Premium Series 16042-X that is a bit smaller than the previous Medallion model. This model has similar features except its dimensions are 60 inches tall, 30 inches wide, and 27 inches deep and weighs in at 840 pounds. The design and security aspects are similar just in a more cost-effective and compact package.

Moving closer to the lower end of the Browning line is the BR24F Bronze Series. This line of gun safes for sale is constructed using a 12-gauge steel 1 inch formed door.

The standard fire protection is going to be reduced to 45 minutes at the same 1200 degree temperatures. This safe will be 60 inches tall, 30 inches wide and 23 inches deep. A smaller option than some of the others, this unit weighs 535 pounds.

At the low-end of the price scale is the Theftgard TG15F series. This model is reduced to a 30 minute fire protection and is slightly smaller than the Bronze BR24F. The TG15F weighs 410 pounds.

There are plenty of common features that appear throughout the entire line of Browning gun safes for sale. There are also the key differences that will affect the price of each. The commonalities between these options are the general look that each will provide. Every unit is available in a variety of colors. The selection is reduced as you move closer to the low-end of the price range. For example, the Theftgard TG15F is only available in textured black while the Platinum Plus PP65F is available in gloss black, sand metallic, hunter green metallic, black cherry and silver metallic. Other similarities include the themes that can be featured on each. These options range from Whitetail Buck or Doe scenes, a Mountain scene, a Mallard scene and others. The general look and style of all Browning gun safes are going to be similar.

What separates one from the next is the size, weight and security features. A heavier product is going to cost more as will the longer fire protection times. The high-end products are also offered with a larger variety of options to choose from. This makes customization more personal. Another way of getting the high-end features at a mid-range price would be to look for used Browning gun safes for sale. Going down the used gun safes route makes it more difficult to get something exactly how the buyer would want it, but you will get a better bang for the buck when considering security features over design.

From the high-end to the value options, Browning provides a wide range of products for the responsible gun owner. By determining specific needs and considering how much to invest, Browning will provide a product that meets this criteria. The purpose and intended function of all gun safes is the securing of property and the family that may have access to the guns. Every safe listed above can satisfy these requirements.

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