Camera Security Systems For Home Use


There are many factors to consider when choosing camera security systems for home use. For instance, one has to consider whether the system uses day and night vision if he or she wants 24-hour surveillance capabilities. One also needs to know how much of a range the camera has to know how much of the property will be covered. If cameras are needed for the inside of the home, then one should try to find discreet cameras that are not conspicuous to others.

Camera security systems for home owners can consist of one or more cameras depending upon the preference. For instance, Foscam’s FI8918W model is a wireless or wired pan and tilt IP camera that has an eight meter night vision range and a 3.6 mm lens capable of a 67-degree viewing angle. One can remotely view footage from this camera from any location. This moderately priced easy to set up camera also features two way audio monitoring and has very high quality image and video.

Those looking for more elaborate home camera security systems and CCTV kits can look at one such as Lorex’s LIVE SD7 wireless digital security system. This system has two and four camera options along with other features such as motion detection. One can also set up a daily record schedule or manually start and stop the system if he or she so chooses. The recordings are also date stamped so that one can easily search through footage. This system is also rather moderately priced and it uses a plug and play set up.

Defender also has a well-received system with the SN301-8CH-008 eight channel DVR security system. This system has many convenient features such as a coaching iMenu and high-resolution CCD night vision surveillance cameras. The H.264 video compression can hold a month’s worth of footage while the coaching iMenu actually teaches the user how to navigate the system. One can also view footage from any computer anywhere as well as through devices such as BlackBerry, iPhones, Symbian and Windows Mobile. Although pricier than other systems, one does not have to pay service fees to view video online.

Camera Security Systems For Home

Defender SN301-8CH-008 8 Channel DVR Security System with 8 Surveillance Cameras

Those who need a security system for the interior can consider the Panasonic BL-C230A wireless internet security camera. This camera can zoom up to three times and has high quality digital resolution. Not only does this camera have remote monitoring capabilities, but it also has body heat, motion and sound sensors. This system is also moderately priced and it can support eight connected cameras.

These are a few of the elements one can consider when it comes to camera security systems for home use. Many of them are wireless so they are easy to install without having to break through walls or other structures for wiring. Most are also incorporating this wireless technology to allow remote monitoring and alarm alerts via email or other mobile means. Furthermore, many of these devices are becoming less expensive as the technology becomes common, so one can find what he or she needs at the right price.

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