What to do after a fire

There are some kinds of “disasters” that you can sometimes make jokes about. Spilling ketchup on your new white jeans on a first date can actually sometimes get you that second date. A flat car tire on a road trip always makes for a good story. When a washer or a dishwasher decides to just [...] Read more »

Preparing for Disasters at Home

You know all of those things that people told you to do in case of a fire, flood, or other natural disaster? No, I’m not just talking the Stop-Drop-and-Roll type of information. I’m talking about the information like what you should do with your important documents to prevent them from being burned in the fire [...] Read more »

Diagnosing the Symptoms of Roof Leaks

Water can easily infiltrate a home from a roof. Although we commonly think and talk about water penetrating and hurting a home from the inside—i.e. pipes bursting or tubs overflowing—it would be folly to forget a real menace. Storms in Knoxville often offer the biggest threat we are most likely to encounter. Storms bring with [...] Read more »

Lengthen the Life of Your Columbus Home by Preventing Water Damage.

Water damage to your home can come in many forms in Columbus, OH. Heavy rainfall, clogged storm drains, and flash floods are classic examples of homes negatively affected by water. What’s often forgotten is those aren’t the only things that hurt a home. Significantly smaller things like leaks or puddles can do some pretty nasty [...] Read more »