Is Your Yard Too Small for a Wheelchair Ramp?

Unless you bought your home after you started using a wheelchair, chances are, you didn’t check the builder’s plans to see if the layout supports a wheelchair ramp. Unfortunately, anything from an inconveniently placed driveway to a too-small yard can prevent the installation of the ramp you want. Are you looking for alternatives? This guide [...] Read more »

Locked Out San Francisco?

Before you lock yourself into any insurance policy, make sure that you have the financial means to cover it. If you happen to let your insurance lapse, you might end up paying a whole lot more to receive coverage again. Having the financial means to cover your policy for the duration is important.Many insurance companies [...] Read more »

Utilizing A Safe Room

What is A Safe Room? Many homes have a space dedicated as a safe room in case of an emergency, or extreme worst-case scenario. Typically many people seek these during a hurricane, tornado or other uncontrollable natural disaster. It provides a secure foundation that can withstand severe wind speeds, hail and protection when needed. Difference Between [...] Read more »

Garage On Lockdown

You have locked all the doors in the house and think you are safe for the night, but did you consider the garage?  There are multiple points of access to your home, and generally we consider the windows and doors to the house, but often forget the garage.  Remember to keep your home safe and [...] Read more »

Modern Garage Door Openers Are an Investment in Safety

Automated mechanisms that control the entrances to garages have existed nearly as long as automobiles and their design technology have kept pace with the vehicles they help protect. Westfield garage door openers today are unmatched in convenience, durability, and especially in built-in safety features. Most doors are now made of lightweight metal or composites for [...] Read more »

Security Doors Offer the Protection You Need

These days, security doors are considered a complete necessity as they help to make sure that all homes are kept safe and secure as possible. It is only having these doors installed at home that you will feel totally at ease. Nowadays, you can find many different varieties of these replacement doors readily available and [...] Read more »

UPVC Door Lock Mechanism

UPVC Door Lock Mechanism

CLICK HERE to view the full range of UPVC DOOR LOCK MECHANISMS The value and benefits of a UPVC door lock mechanism are numerous. You may well be looking for one of these as a replacement lock or as part of a new install, but either way they will increase the security of the doors. [...] Read more »

Metal Security Screen Doors

Metal Security Screen Doors

CLICK HERE to view the full range of METAL SECURITY SCREEN DOORS A persons home is where he or she will feel the most comfortable; it is important they take advantage of every opportunity to make their home safe. One way of doing this is by adding metal security screen doors to their home. Many [...] Read more »

Security Bars For Windows Guide

Security Bars For Windows

CLICK HERE to view the full range of SECURITY BARS FOR WINDOWS When individuals consider means of securing their homes, apartments or places of business, the first ideas that generally come to mind are improved locks on doors, outdoor lighting, alarm systems and surveillance cameras. As entrances into homes or businesses, doors often receive the [...] Read more »