Window Security Bars

Window Security Bars

CLICK HERE to view the full range of WINDOW SECURITY BARS. Window security bars provide real protection for both homeowners and business owners. Every structure has weak points when it comes to security. Windows and doors should be considered high-priority and should be strengthened whenever possible. Sterling Corp Burglar Bars Range A window security bar [...] Read more »

Antique Lock Guide

Antique Lock

The security of your antique lock depends on the type of lock it is as well as its condition. The first thing you should do is check to see if there is any obvious damage to the lock. Has it been gouged or dented? Look for scratches indicating that someone may have opened the lock [...] Read more »

Antique Locks

Antique Locks

Locks have been around for thousands of years, so it’s not surprising that some of them have become collectible. People like to collect things that are old or rare, and as a rule, the older and rarer they are, the more valuable they are. Of course, the condition that they are in plays a part [...] Read more »

Keyless Entry Locks: What Are The Options?

Keyless Entry Locks

As a home or car owner, you are most certainly aware of the fact that you have valuable property to protect. There are multiple options for how to protect your property against burglary and vandalism, including alarm systems, surveillance equipment, and strategic lighting, but one of the most effective means of deterring intruders is by [...] Read more »

UPVC Door Lock: Buying & Replacement Guide

UPVC Door Lock

If you are looking to purchase new locks for your UPVC door, there are a few important points you need to take into consideration. UPVC doors are a very common feature in modern homes and with so many different manufacturers it can be hard to identify the locking mechanism used in your door if you [...] Read more »

Key Features Of Good Quality Patio Door Locks

Patio Door Foot Lock

A secure home should always be a top priority for every homeowner. Whether you wish to ensure that you and your family will be safe within your home, or that the home and its contents are protected during your absence, it is important to identify the best means of securing every entranceway. Patio door locks [...] Read more »

Residential And Commercial Keypad Door Locks

Keypad Door Locks

When comparing and purchasing keypad door locks, it is important that the consumer understand what they are and how they work. Essentially, they are keyless locks that use either a numbered or an alphabet keypad to input a security code, which then opens the door the keyless lock is attached to. Up until recently, commercial [...] Read more »

5 Most Popular Brands Of Patio Door Locks

Prime Line Sliding Door Lock

Sliding patio doors are some of the most popular features of modern and older homes alike, and it is no surprise; not only do they provide an easy and attractive way to connect the interior of a home to a patio, garden, balcony, or other outdoor area, they also provide abundant natural light, and have [...] Read more »

Security Issues With Sliding Glass Door Locks

Sliding Door Lock Security

If you are thinking about renovating your home or property, there is more to consider, during the planning phase, than just aesthetics. One visually striking design feature, which is commonplace in most modern homes, is the sliding glass door. Although an excellent addition to a home in many ways, questions will necessarily arise about the [...] Read more »

Which Sliding Door Lock To Buy?

Security Bar Lock

Sliding doors are a great feature in any setting; attractive yet unimposing, they are ideal as partitions between rooms or suites, and also as entranceways into homes or onto patio areas. When used as a gateway to or from the exterior however, sliding doors present a unique security challenge to property owners. There are multiple [...] Read more »