Protecting the Home from Mold

Residences of Raleigh, NC, are not strangers to the presence of mold growth in the home. The humid climate of the region fosters mold growth that other areas of the country do not have to deal with. But the trouble area in the home where mold growth thrives is generally similar throughout the nation. The [...] Read more »

Knowing the Health Impact of Mold

Mold is a dangerous growth which has the potential to poison people who breathe in the air around it. It will commonly will grow in warm and damp areas, and is very adept at surviving and reproducing itself. Mold is toxic to be around due to the spores released as it propagates. Essentially, mold will [...] Read more »

Be Prepared for Power Outages

While we might be used to the occasional flicker of the lights during a summer thunderstorm or a winter snow storm, you might not be prepared for a long-term power outage. Even though large-scale power outages do not happen very often, it never hurts to be prepared. Because sometimes people do not take the necessary [...] Read more »

A Snowed-In Winter

Snowmobiling An icy winter four years ago I came upon a life threatening disaster. My family and I had a cabin in Park City, Utah. It was a very nice homey cabin with many fun activities to do. We went there every winter throughout my childhood. We went snowmobiling the first day we arrived and [...] Read more »