Keeping Your Portland Home Safe

The City of Portland runs a Fire Blog to keep all of the Portland residents informed about fires in the area, fire prevention methods and activities that the fire fighters are participating in. Recently, there was a tragic apartment fire in which an individual passed away. The fire occurred in two apartments one located on [...] Read more »

Not Your Mother’s Gun Safe

So you come running into your home, only to find that he beat you there. You look at him. He looks at you. “How did you know?” you ask. “Because you’re rich.” He answers. Of course he knew. You should’ve put your safe somewhere other than the desk drawer in your million-dollar study.  All rich [...] Read more »

Security, Safety and Responsibility in the 21st Century

From the very beginning mankind has had to meet certain basic needs in order to survive. As society began to proliferate and the basics of food, shelter, and water became commonly available in most areas of the world other needs arose. Communication, security, fertile land, and trade became necessary as society grew and spread around [...] Read more »

Running Revolver

Running Revolver On a hot sticky summer evening at 3 a.m. in Boston, I was meandering home after a fantastic evening of club hopping with friends, which was the most fun I had had in a long time. As I approached my apartment building, I just knew something wasn’t right. As I was entering the [...] Read more »

Gun Safety for Your House

You have purchased a gun or firearm to make you feel a little safer at home.  You know that with troubled times, you need to rely on being prepared.  However, just having a gun stored in your closet or thrown in under the socks in your drawer, is not going to make you any safer. [...] Read more »

Preparation Pays Off

Safety First As a parent, my children’s safety is of the upmost importance to me. Before my children were born, I took extra special attention to what safety precautions I wanted in my home. I baby proofed every room according to the safety needs of that room which included everything from outlet covers to cabinet [...] Read more »

The Perfect Criminal

She was dreaming again. It seemed rather strange that she continued to have the same sorts of dreams over and over again. She would break into a gun safe in one house, a secret room in another. And, without fail, she always retrieved what she had gone there to get. It seemed as though not [...] Read more »