Home Installations for Safer Bathing

There are many safety features that must be added to a home when someone develops limited mobility. One of the most important rooms in any home to add safety equipment to is the bathroom. It is very easy for someone with limited mobility to slip and hurt themselves either by not raising their leg high [...] Read more »

Bathroom Safety Products

Bathroom safety products are absolutely essential for many people, especially those who are elderly. There are many different products that are intended for bathroom safety, which is precisely why you will need to look into some of them either for yourself or someone that you are close to. If you have someone living with you [...] Read more »

Concrete Garage Floor Paint

Concrete Garage Floor Paint

If you have ever stepped on a puddle of water sitting on an oil stain you know how dangerous a concrete floor can be.  This is the best way to understand the term “my feet went out from under me.”  Water and oil don’t mix and this is definitely true when you try to mix them on your garage floor. The garage is actually one Read more »

Stair Carpet Rods: Practical And Decorative

Stair Carpet Rods

Stair carpet rods have been a staple in homes with carpet runners since the Victorian era and are both practical and decorative in nature. They are practical because they keep the carpet runner in place and prevent it from bunching. A bunching carpet runner is not only and eyesore but also a safety hazard as people can trip on it. Another practical purpose for carpet rods is that they Read more »