CCTV Camera Housing

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CCTV camera housing devices for home security systems are used to protect your external CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera and cables from the elements and intruders. There are various manufacturers of these protective items offering a wide range of features across a broad pricing spectrum. Security camera housings can be purchased to accommodate any CCTV camera system to ensure that your home is adequately protected and put your mind at ease whether you are at home or away from home.

CCTV camera housings range from very affordable to quite expensive depending on the level of protection and features you desire. Aside from price, another factor that comes into play when choosing a camera housing device is whether you intend for the device to serve as a visible deterrent or a hidden information gatherer.

Defender Security Dome Housing Unit

Starting at the lower end of the price scale, the Defender Security CCT496 dome housing unit and 3D bracket mount is a very small unit that can be used to mount and enclose various board type camera systems. You can use it to mount a system either on the wall or on the ceiling.

Rhino CCTV Outdoor Camera Housing Unit

Slightly rising up the price scale, the Rhino CCTV 12V DC/24V AC outdoor camera housing unit features an attractive and durable metallic silver aluminum coating. Its lid is hinged so that you can easily and conveniently access the camera housed within it. It has a cable managed bracket that allows you to run the cables straight into the housing unit so they are inaccessible to harsh weather conditions and potential intruders. Its compatibility with both 12V DC and 24V AC power supplies makes it versatile enough for use with a variety of surveillance systems. This Rhino system uses what is referred to as a thermistor rather than a resistor for heating purposes. The advantage of this feature is that its heat output varies according to the temperature outside the unit. So, when it is cold outside, the thermistor will allow for maximum heating and vice versa. It also has a thermostat so that the heat will not switch on at all if it is not needed.

Y-cam IP Camera External Housing Unit

Another slight increase in price brings you to the Y-cam YCEX01 IP camera external housing unit, which works with several Wi-Fi Y-cam models. It is a round housing piece that is available in a black or white waterproof and anti-UV plastic finish that will not interfere with the camera’s signal strength. It comes with a universal mounting bracket, which allows the user to orient the display in any preferred direction. A downside of this unit is its surprisingly large size. Pictures make this unit appear to be fairly small, but this is not the case. It is not easily hidden from public view, but it does exude a pretty menacing temperament if you are going for intimidation rather than concealment. Because it is meant for wireless devices, it is also only partially cable managed should the need arise for you to route cables to the camera.

X-Vision CCTV Camera Housing

Moving further up the scale introduces the X-Vision HCW300 CCTV camera housing. Its brawny weatherproof metal composition accommodates most industry standard camera units for wall mounting in any indoor setting as well as outdoor settings from 20 below zero to 50 degrees Celsius.

CCTV Camera Housing

X-Vision HCW300 CCTV camera housing

A heater and fan are built into the system to keep its internal temperature at a steady 25 degrees Celsius. It features a cable managed bracket allowing for no cable exposure. Its dimensions are 143x115x370mm regarding width, height, and depth (respectively), making it a midsize model. This provides a daunting presence to any home or building without being overly large and detracting too much from the appearance of the environment.

Genie CCTV Outdoor Camera Housing

The next price range features the Genie CCTV TPH4000 outdoor camera housing 12V DC/24V AC. It is considered a midsize unit with measurements of 130x125x405mm (WxHxD), which is slightly larger than the previously discussed item. It works with ranging power supplies and camera models, has a large exposure for wide viewing angles, and entirely encloses all necessary cables. Its aluminum alloy construction is durable and is finished with an ivory powder coat for visual appeal. A sliding adjustable camera tray and hinged top allow for easy access and positioning.

While setting up a fully functional surveillance operation is obviously more effective in the event of a robbery or some other invasive occurrence, any security camera housing device can also be used simply as a dummy surveillance system to give the impression that a home or office is protected by monitored video surveillance. With most units, it is fairly difficult to determine whether or not an actual camera is concealed inside without closely examining it. An empty housing mounted high up and out of reach is a less expensive way to give the illusion that a location is under surveillance.

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