Cheap CCTV Kits For Sale

Any business, organisation, school or home in need of effective security measures may want to consider the use of CCTV kits. Closed circuit television cameras can be great in recovering property or tracking down a criminal in the event of a burglary. Many systems are very inexpensive, so the smallest organisation or business can find a CCTV kit to fit its budget. Many are also relatively easy to install leaving no need to have an outside specialist install the device.

When choosing a CCTV camera kit, there are a few characteristics that must be considered. One of the most obvious affordability. It is possible to find budget CCTV camera kits at prices to suit almost all preferences. Usually they will contain more than one camera, typically four, and can be used both inside and outside. Images may be captured in colour and have night camera capabilities as well. In this digital age, the images are normally recorded to a DVR; some may have Internet capabilities so that the DVR output can be viewed through an Internet browser.

Indoor cameras may be in the form of domes so they are not as conspicuous or intrusive during functions in a public building or at home.  Outdoor cameras should have a view angle with a good depth of vision. A camera that can give colour vision up to 90 feet during the day and 30 feet during the night with no light is an acceptable range for most purposes. Outside cameras should also be robust enough to withstand the elements. These cameras should be waterproof and able to resist wind and sun damage and possible wear and tear from debris.

CCTV KitsAs for the input DVR(s), these recorders should have a large amount of space available to store information. A DVR with 250GB of hard drive can hold two weeks or more of recording time. Remote controls are optional. The power supply needs to be just as reliable as the cameras and DVRs, and advanced systems will include a back up power facility. The monitor may be a television already in the home or office or a separate TV may be used for this purpose only. Also, it is a good idea to have a wall outlet power strip to protect the equipment from power surges.

Wireless technology has also extended to CCTV. A wireless CCTV camera kit has many of the same features as a regular kit with the cameras, remote viewing capabilities, audio and video plug-n-play, DVR hard drives and maybe even motion detection and night vision range. However, the receiver may be powered by a USB connection that can connect to a computer for monitoring. This kit may only include one camera and receiver rather than the multiple cameras you would find in other kits. For those kind of features, the cost is extremely low.

The wireless system may support messenger functions such as Skype and MSN Messenger and is usually compatible with a Windows operating system. The image capturing and high speed MP4 ensure real-time recording as well. Just as with other cameras, there may also be pan and/or tilt abilities to guarantee good angles of viewing coverage. Also like other cameras, many of these wireless systems are up to professional standards even though they come with relatively low price tags.

Even more affordable, you can consider combining your operational cameras with a dummy CCTV camera set-up. Ideally, your dummy CCTV cameras should look just like your real cameras and should be positioned in less important places, so not at the key entry points to the property for example.

Without doubt, CCTV kits can give home residents extra piece of mind that many businesses, organizations and schools have knowing they have a reliable source of security. These systems have professional quality but are easily installed and managed by even the novice security “expert”. Those seeking a reliable camera kit should make sure it has the aforementioned features where they fit with your requirements as well as a fair price. Certainly, there are plenty of cheap CCTV kits out there, especially if you want to do the install yourself.

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