Cheap Safes For Sale

Keeping your valuables safe should be a priority, but for some people the cost of a safe can seem prohibitive. Rather than allowing your valuable belongings to remain unprotected, you need to look for cheap safes in which to store the things that are most likely to be stolen if your house is burglarized. Large safes are more expensive than smaller ones, so one way to save money on the cost of a safe is to be sure that you buy the smallest safe you can. Of course, you’ll need to make sure the safe you buy is big enough to hold the items you plan to put in it.

Diversion Safes

If you just have a little cash or a few pieces of jewelry to hide, diversion safes are cheap safes that can do the job for you for as little as $5 each. These small safes usually do not have locks, so they are not exactly secure. If a burglar finds them, he can easily open them up or just walk away with the safe. Instead of locking up your valuables, diversion safes work by hiding them in plain sight.

These cheap safes are made to resemble common objects. The least expensive diversion safes are can safes. They look just like an ordinary can of soda, but the top unscrews so you can hide your valuables inside. You can place the can safe in the refrigerator along with several cans of real soda and it will blend right in. As long as the burglar doesn’t get thirsty, your valuables should be fairly safe.

cheap safesSome of the other cheap safes you will find that look like common items are a salt shaker safe, a hidden wall safe that looks like an electrical outlet, a peanut butter jar safe, a Pringles can safe, and a Barbasol shaving cream safe. These are just a few examples. There are dozens of different designs, but the concept is always the same. Instead of locking your valuables up, you keep them safe by hiding them in a clever way so that burglars will overlook them.

The downside of using diversion safes is that if the burglar does find them, it is easy to remove the contents. Professional burglars make it their business to be familiar with the different types of diversion safes on the market so that they will recognize them when they see them, so they are not the most effective way to protect your cash and jewelry.

One way to improve the effectiveness of a diversion safe is to make your own. This will take a little time, but you can use a common item that you always keep around your home to make the safe. For example, if you always keep a supply of canned green beans in your pantry, you could cut the bottom out of one of the cans, wash it, and figure out a way to close it back up again so that your valuables stay inside. Now you have a diversion safe that looks exactly like the rest of the canned green beans on your shelves, so it blends right in. Another option is to take an ordinary hardcover book and cut out the inside part of the pages so there is a compartment where you can store things. This works best if you have a lot of books because the burglar is unlikely to go through all of them.

Cheap File Box Safes

These cheap safes start around $15 and are a good way to protect files, from honest people at least. They are small enough that a crook can just walk off with them, and the locks aren’t really that secure either. They are great for a home office if you want to keep the kids from making a mess of your important papers, but if you have important documents that need serious protection, a locking file box is not the best option.

Small Steel Safes

This type of safe is a cheap safe that can be mounted to a wall in your home. This makes it harder for a criminal to walk off with your safe. It might be possible with the right tools, but it would take time and most burglars are in a hurry. You can buy a small steel safe for around $40. The price increases with the size of the safe. You’ll also pay more for better locks.

Cheap Gun Safes

If you have guns, you need a cheap gun safe. No other type of safe will do. Even if you aren’t worried about someone stealing your guns, if you have children you need a gun safe to protect them from accidental shootings. Teaching gun safety is important too, but the cost of a gun safe is nothing compared to the value of your children’s lives.

As with regular safes, the cheapest gun safes are the smallest ones. These are designed to hold pistols and ammunition. The least expensive of these safes are around $125. A full-size gun safe that is large enough to hold your rifles and shotguns starts around $150. These safes can be mounted to the wall for additional security.

When looking for cheap safes for sale, remember that you often get what you pay for. Depending on what you are protecting, it may be worth paying a bit more for a safe that has stronger locks and offers more security for your possessions.

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