Child Safety Both Inside and Outside Your Home

Protect Your Family from the Hazards in Your Own Home

There are hazards that exist both in your home and outside of your home that can be very harmful for both you and your family; however, no matter how hard you try there may be things that happen that you simply can’t completely protect your family from.  But, for the circumstances in your own home, there are many things you can do to keep them safe while there.

One of the primary reasons people often get hurt at home more than in places they are unfamiliar with is actually because of the familiarity.  People are often not as cautious in a familiar place because they feel like they know it inside and out.

Most Common Home Accidents

  1. Stairs are the number one causes of accidents in the home. Many times stair rails don’t extend all the way down the stairs making accidents more likely to occur. It may be wise to consider reinstalling the handrail for safety purposes. Stair carpeting or rugs are also potentially hazardous as well because they may become loose and cause slipping.  Lighting is also essential to install over any set of staircases.
  2. Spills, including water and oil are also accident hazards and should be immediately cleaned and taken care of to prevent slips and falls.
  3. Burns can be just as dangerous and slips and falls.  Burns from coffee, tea or even a stove top can cause accident and injury. To ensure these accidents don’t occur, refrain from placing hot pots from the edge of the table to avoid any unnecessary spilling or toppling.
  4. Weapons and ammunition should be stored separately and away from the reach of children.  Also, to ensure with absolutely certainty that your children can’t access automatic weapons in your home you could purchase a fingerprint gun safe that only certain family members can access with the use of a fingerprint.  Some safes can hold up to 30 fingerprints allowing for various people to have access in case something should happen.
  5. Stools, rails, and other handholds should be added if elderly people or children live at home.
  6. Keeping electric sources away from water is of utmost importance so that accidents of this nature are less likely to occur.
  7. Pesticides and other chemicals are also likely sources of accidents so you should be cautious around these kinds of chemicals and only use them if you know the proper safety precautions. You should also keep the poison control number somewhere out in the open so that if chemicals or other harmful substances are accidentally consumed the number is readily available for use.  Children should also be told what to do if they accidentally spill or take something unidentified or which makes them sick.
  8. Lastly, guards should always be kept on power tools to avoid serious injury risk.
  9. Home fires can be started from electrical appliances or simply carelessness and cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Make sure children know what to do in case of a fire, including knowing where the fire extinguisher is, what to do if they are on fire, or hear a fireman or other rescue worker enter the home and try to help rescue them.

These are just some of the accidents and injuries that may occur in the home; however, there are many more that may occur and you must be sure that your family is properly prepared for all of them.  Common sense rules in these cases, and make sure your children know where your family’s emergency meeting place is located.

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