Choosing a Rifle Safe

A rifle safe keeps firearms out of the hands of children and intruders. If you are a hunting enthusiast or a gun collector, you really will need to invest in a rifle gun safe if you haven’t already. Rifle safes are easy to handle and good models will come with a heavy duty lock that cannot be easily broken into, so if you keep the key with you at all times, your guns are going to be safe.

A rifle safe is also sometimes referred to as a gun cabinet or rifle cabinet. A large cabinet can hold as many as a dozen or more guns, but if you only own one or two, something slimmer and smaller will suffice, unless you plan to add more later. Keeping your weapons safe from the hands of other people is your responsibility as a gun owner. It is worth the investment to obtain a gun safe for this reason, and it will also allow you to keep your guns dust free and clean. If what is needed is something slim and small, you can keep it in your closet out of the eyes of children. There is often a trade off though in terms of the level of presentation afforded by gun cabinets versus a higher security rating of a safe. It might be very nice to show your collection off in a beautiful wooden and glass case, but security is going to be compromised. There are some models out there that combine both needs, allowing viewing through reinforced glass.

Make sure that you have all the proper licenses and permits for the weapons that you choose to keep in your home. A well designed rifle gun safe, when taken proper care of, will give you many years of use. Rifle SafeSome people enjoy collecting weapons as a hobby, for hunting and going to the shooting range. Many people consider it a basic right and part of keeping one’s family safe. Having a gun safe to store your weapons in will help you to do this. As there is always a chance that you may lose the key to the safe, it is a good idea to have a spare made for this eventuality. The alternative will be to hire an experienced locksmith to gain access to your guns without damaging them after the incident.

One issue with securing weapons in this way is that it becomes slower to gain access to them in an emergency. A solution to this would be the purchase of one of a growing selection of fingerprint or biometric rifle gun safes. Simply press your finger against the scanner plate and it is unlocked. This method works very well in the dark too and doesn’t involve selecting the correct key and looking for the key hole when you are in a hurry.

One final note of caution. Always leave the safety catch on on your rifles, and remember to treat any gun as if it was loaded. This is something to teach any new gun owner because it’s clearly important to remember that these are not playthings; they are deadly. This is one more reason to procure a gun safe to store them in. Keeping them away from children and intruders is so important it cannot be overly stressed. If you own more than a few guns, a wider safe that will hold all of them can be kept in an attic or a back room with plenty of space, ideally out of obvious sight from kids and neighbours. If you are working with a tight budget, you should be able to pick up a cheap rifle safe second hand. Make sure you check it out first if at all possible, but as a safes by their very nature tend to be very robust products, a used one may be in perfectly good working order. Whatever the budget, if you own guns this is certainly and investment that deserves your consideration.

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