Mechanical And Digital Combination Door Lock Options

Combination door locks offer great protection against would-be thieves and other intruders attempting to get into a home unannounced and uninvited. A keyless entry lock, otherwise known as a digital combination door lock, incorporates a  keypad; users simply enter a combination of numbers to open the door without the need to fumble around for a key. Digital versions come in a variety of different functional locking mechanisms such as deadbolt digitals, which are completely “bump proof”.

Bumping a dead bolted door is not difficult, since by an intruder simply applying a bit of pressure to a key made especially for use in picking dead bolted doors allows that intruder access to the home, even one in which numerous deadbolt locks are installed. They can open this kind of door quickly and easily without needing special training to do so. However, with a digital version of a deadbolt lock, bumping the door open is impossible.

Another advantage of using a combination lock includes the inability of intruders to pick the locks in any other way too. For example, normal locking mechanisms come with keyholes, in to which intruders can insert tools to pry open the mechanism inside the lock itself. However, combination locks do not have any openings and are completely secure. This makes them completely pickproof in addition to saw proof as well.

Combination Door LockSince there are no open holes to insert a hacksaw of any kind into, no intruder can saw the lock off. Additionally, with these types of doors, any excessive torque applied to attempt to enter without the combination will cause the handles to spin, deterring any attempted forced entry. A mechanical combination door lock is another great option when securing a home from would be intruders. A completely mechanical lock functions 100 percent of the time. This is because no electricity or batteries are needed to allow the lock to function, so cutting off the electricity to attempt to enter the home simply will not work.

When making a purchase of any type of combination locking mechanism, there are some things to watch for which can almost guarantee reliability. For example, how many digits are on the keypad? A good combination locking mechanism will have at least 10 numbers in addition to some letters as well. This not only allows the user to set a stronger password, but it makes it more difficult for a would be intruder to guess what the password is.

Using any one of the numerous types of combination locking mechanisms for a door of any size is cost effective as well. Not only is there no need to change batteries, but there is no need to have a locksmith to install it either, meaning less money spent. Additionally, no wires are used and the owner need not make spare keys and wonder what would happen should a key go missing. Simply put, a combination and a lock together in the same piece of equipment makes for a safer and more secure home, and a much more convenient system operationally as well.

Additionally, purchasing a lock with the least amount of moving parts is always a good idea in principle. This is because the more parts a lock has, the more wear and tear will result between those parts and the more vulnerable that lock will become over time and either fail and need replacing or need repairing. A door combination lock will efficiently keep homeowners and their belongings safe from intruders, but they must first purchase the right one to see any benefits from it. This means sourcing a high quality combination door lock that is as tamper proof as possible, allows for a strong combination to be input and incorporates a contingency plan should the combination be forgotten.

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