Combining Alarm Monitoring With Alarm Installation And Maintenance

Home security should be a top priority for any homeowner; whether you are of extremely modest means or have an estate to protect, securing your home from burglary, invasion, fire, and any number of additional unexpected occurrences, can and should be accomplished by means of a wide variety of products and services, along with a healthy dose of common sense. If you have or are considering having an alarm system installed, then remote security alarm monitoring might also be of interest to you. The following article will discuss the general concept of alarm monitoring services, while addressing some of the pros and cons of combining alarm monitoring with alarm system installation and maintenance.

There are multiple types of home security alarm systems and set-ups available on today’s market. Some alarms are relatively low-tech, operating on either manual triggers or magnet technology, while others use much more advanced technologies such as electronic trigger systems and motion detectors. The above-mentioned alarms target events such as home invasion and help to deter unwelcome visitors. The other, even more common alarm systems, which are mandatory and/or highly recommended components of every home, include fire and smoke detectors, as well as alarms that measure levels of carbon monoxide and other harmful yet invisible gasses. Alarm monitoring can be viewed as a means of consolidating the various types of alarm systems within your home, by routing them all through a remote security monitoring site, effectively ensuring that your home, along with its residents and material contents, will receive the necessary response in the event of an emergency, even if you are not available to be the first responder.

Alarm monitoring companies are available virtually anywhere, and although their specific services and modes of operation may vary by geographic location or individual company, their function remains essentially the same: to provide an instant response to sounding alarms that may have been triggered for any number of diverse reasons. Some companies offer to monitor existing alarm systems, but more commonly, the alarm monitoring company will also be the one to install and maintain the entire system, simplifying the process considerably, and often providing prices that might be impossible if the installation, maintenance and monitoring were done by diverse companies, exclusive of one another.

Although some might argue that an alarm monitoring service is an unnecessary monthly expense, or that having such a service incurs too many false alarms, most would agree that the advantages far outweigh the above-mentioned inconveniences. For instance, although wireless alarm monitoring, and the installation of alarm monitoring software within a given home will incur initial service fees as well as a monthly fee for upkeep and the service itself, most insurance companies will take the presence of such a system into account when evaluating and assessing the property’s potential for damage, burglary, and so on. As a result, home or property owners that employ an alarm monitoring service, and that regularly maintain their alarm system, are more likely to have a reduced insurance premium, thereby covering the additional monthly expense, if not actually keeping money in their pockets. Similarly, although a smoke alarm may be triggered unnecessarily as a result of a smoking oven or someone lighting a cigar, most alarm monitoring companies will attempt to understand the source of the disturbance by phoning contact numbers provided by clients, before sending out the necessary response unit.

Alarm Monitoring AdviceSome of the obvious advantages to employing alarm monitoring in addition to an alarm system include ensuring that an immediate and appropriate response will be effected in the event that an alarm is triggered, and the fact that most alarm monitoring companies employ a team of workers specially charged with responding to alarms at all times during the day or night. Whereas an alarm system alone can be an effective deterrent for potential home invaders, and sounding one of said alarms can be a means of alerting neighbors or passersby that something is amiss, the system itself does not guarantee that anything beyond the initial warning signs will be done to prevent further damage. With an alarm monitoring service, your home will be protected and cared for, whether it is being burglarized or experiencing flooding, low temperature, fire or smoke damage, and even heightened levels of carbon monoxide. Such a service will also alert homeowners when the batteries and backup systems that power the alarms are low or unavailable, so that in the event your alarm system malfunctions, you will not unknowingly leave your home unprotected.

When looking for the alarm monitoring service that will best suit your needs, there are several factors that should be considered. First, identify specifically what kind of monitoring each service offers. Although some companies may offer monitoring on every factor listed above, and more, others may deal more specifically in the one or two areas that are most sought after (generally those would be home invasion and fire and smoke detection). It is equally important to determine what types of alarm systems each service works with, and that you are satisfied that one or more of those systems will meet your specific needs as a home or property owner. Also consider what types of contracts and warranties are involved with each agreement. Long-term contracts may incur a lower monthly fee, and are ideal if you are satisfied with the alarm system and services provided. Short-term contracts, on the other hand, may allow you to shop around and identify all of your options before making a final long term decision.

Remote alarm monitoring is not for everybody, but if you have assets to protect, these services can help to provide an added sense of security. Although you may initially object to paying an additional monthly fee to have your alarm system remotely monitored, your insurance company will likely show its approval by offering you lower insurance premiums. With security alarm monitoring, home and property owners everywhere can experience peace of mind, confident in the knowledge that they have a team of professionals looking after their homes and families.

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