Comparing Different Gun Storage Solutions

Guns are commonly used as self-defense when the safety of your home and family have been compromised. Such weapons are both powerful and dangerous, and call for careful handling. In addition to knowing how to handle a gun safely, it is also important to store a firearm away from the reach of an inquisitive child’s fingers or that of an opportunistic burglar.

The most commonly used and convenient storage solution for firearms is a gun safe, but choosing one type of safe in particular can be difficult. Even though there is a mind-boggling array of gun cabinets and safes available, it is possible to decide on the best gun safe by comparing different gun storage solutions on quality, price and features.

Decide on your budget before selecting a gun safe, as prices can vary greatly between different safes, sometimes even between manufacturers. A biometric gun safe, or fingerprint gun safe, for instance, is more costly than a simple gun cabinet due to the incorporation of a fingerprint scanner, which allows only the owner to enjoy quick access to the weapon. A rifle safe meant for bigger guns, and the smaller-sized pistol safe are typically cheaper compared to a fingerprint gun safe of the same size due to their simpler locking mechanisms and construction. The cheapest options would be a plain gun cabinet or even used gun safes.

When it comes to price comparisons, remember that gun cabinets are usually made from wood. This is why they are cheaper than other gun safes. Used gun safes are good alternatives offering comparable quality for gun enthusiasts on a budget. In contrast to a gun cabinet, a safe is usually made of steel, which is durable and long lasting. This means that a user gets gun storage that in general is more secure.

Price and construction quality aside, you can only compare the merits of different gun safes when you evaluate their individual features. Each gun safe has characteristics suited to specific purposes. Biometric gun safes have built-in computer systems to store fingerprint data for up to 30 people in some cases. This allows the safe owner to authorize multiple users, e.g. family members and very close friends, to access the safe. This does away with the need to duplicate keys as a conventional lock-and-key system would.

Visual impact should also be considered when it comes to gun safes. A gun cabinet safe remains the preferred choice of many people as it allows display of the pride of the collection. Otherwise, the weapons can also be stored in a section hidden behind the display area of the cabinet.

However, if mobile and convenient gun storage takes precedence, such as for smaller firearms like a hand-gun, then a pistol safe is an appropriate choice. The safe can be placed easily under a vehicle seat or discreetly mounted in a car boot. Of course, practicality should also be kept in mind when it comes to gun storage, so a rifle safe is best when it comes to shotguns and rifles.

As far as reliability goes, biometric gun safes are the most secure against break-ins due to the exclusive access granted. This means that burglars who have secured the safe would be unable to access the contents without the correct fingerprint authorization. Conversely, pistol safes may be burglar-friendly due to their smaller size, meaning easy to remove in their entirety if they are easily located and not secured to a surface. Gun cabinets made from wood are usually vulnerable to break-ins as well because they classically have no other anti-theft features aside from a strong padlock. Additionally, their wooden construction and glass-fronted doors can be damaged and compromised easily.

SentrySafe Long Gun Safe

SentrySafe Long Gun Safe

A rifle safe is relatively large and bulky, making it difficult to steal. However, theft can take place easily if safe construction is weak. The same applies if the lock-and-key system is poor, as thieves would then find it easy to cart away the firearms.

Most gun safes available are fireproof to protect firearms from fire damage. However, fireproofing does not mean that contents will remain unharmed by a fire; the safe can only shield its contents against fire for a certain number of hours. For example, some fireproof gun safes can resist temperatures of up to 1200°F for two hours, giving owners enough time to extinguish the fire. Nonetheless, wooden gun cabinets do not have this feature, which can put a gun collection at risk.

Most gun safes enjoy a long-term warranty. Some manufacturers even offer free warranties for life. Repair or replacement can be arranged in case of product or workmanship defects. Owners are sometimes entitled to a free replacement in the event of fires, floods or break-ins. However, warranty terms and conditions may differ if you buy used gun safes, with manufacturers only honoring warranties to the original owner. Therefore, make sure that the warranty can be transferred if you buy a used gun safe.

As an authorized gun user, you must ensure that firearm storage is safe and secure. Aside from the space you have available for gun storage, you also need to look into the price, features and quality of a gun safe.

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