Describing A Top Quality Alarm Monitoring Service

A home or business alarm monitoring service installs and monitors a network of security cameras, motion detectors and sensors for a particular property. The service may include an armed or unarmed patrol, phone assistance and 911 alert. What a top quality alarm monitoring service should offer is 24/7 support to the existing security system for combating crime and expediting fire and emergency medical services.

What it Does

After receiving an alert, the alarm monitoring company typically calls the residence or business to rule out a false alarm. A phone call also helps determine the nature of the emergency so the proper services can be contacted. Security alarm monitoring companies provide a readily available form of assistance that may enable faster emergency response presence.

Remote alarm monitoring services allow home and business owners to keep track of all captured activity, not just emergencies. Use the system to check in on a baby sitter or regular home cleaning service for example. Monitor the kids activities or items of value. Businesses can follow the comings and goings of employees or keep watch over inventory storage areas.

More alarm monitoring services are now offering this type of internet or remote security monitoring. The client logs in through the website to access their home or business cameras. Remote access security websites provide additional advantages over a traditional system. Clients receive e-mail and text message alerts indicating a sensor has been tripped and where; and a live feed to a specific area allows real time viewing. The system can also be activated from a remote location utilizing a computer or mobile phone.

Alarm Software

Security alarm monitoring software is what makes it possible for the owner to watch their property from the computer. Security monitoring companies will include this software in their service, but people who buy their own will want some specific features. As with a paid service, the program should allow for real time viewing, access to any room connected to a camera and the option for email and mobile phone alerts.

Scheduled event recording is also important. Buy a program that records the seconds before the event is triggered and has the option for programming the day, hour and length of time to record. Recordings are generally stored for a set length of time (e.g. 60 days) by the software or security monitoring service, but for long-term storage the data can be downloaded to an external hard drive or uploaded to an FTP server.

Remote viewing security software should offer simultaneous viewing for multiple cameras during the day or night. The program needs to be compatible with the types of cameras installed, and a wide variety of alternative models as well. If the owner moves the software can then be used for a different set of cameras in the new location.

Wireless Functionality

A key advantage to a remote alarm monitor service is the elimination of wires. A wireless alarm monitoring service cannot be dismantled by cutting a wire. Instead it uses radio frequencies to transmit a signal to a central station; acting just as fast as a hard-wired signal. From a practical standpoint, wireless installation is faster and easier, while offering the latest technological advances to the user.

Defender Night Vision Security CamerasHard wired systems maintained by the installing company provide a variety of monitoring services as well. In addition to remote viewing, 24/7 alerting and trained technical support are benefits associated with these companies. Depending on the scale of the project, they also provide full service central monitoring stations and a customer support call center.

Special Features

A security monitoring system with the right software and wireless set-up can perform actions a traditional set-up cannot. Record and download time and date specific data, or upload to an FTP server for safe storage. Use watermarking on video stills and footage for legal purposes and configure each camera with individual settings as needed. The owner can even use digital masking to limit a camera’s detection range, or pan and tilt to increase it.

Large Buildings

Large businesses with hundreds of access points and a constant high volume of traffic have special security needs. What a good quality monitoring service should offer these operations goes well beyond the small business or residence. Central monitoring stations are typical with a large business package. Staff training is essential, and 24/7 management needs to be available to handle emergencies.

In addition, a corporate security service needs to integrate fully with the existing technology and offer high-end sensory detecting options such as thermal and infrared imaging. A good service will also provide a thorough security consultation and threat assessment based on their analysis of the business.

A monitoring service should offer alternatives for every client’s lifestyle or business needs. Remote access and wireless configuration to existing systems is essential, as is the ability to access records by date, time and/or event. An individual consultation with potential security companies will help determine the best choice for the home or business.

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