Determining the Importance of Radon Testing

If you are a homeowner, you probably know that there are several different hazardous gases or substances that can make their way into your home. Two of the major hazardous materials are lead and radon.

Lead is often found in paint on houses that were built before 1978. If ingested, lead can be extremely poisonous.

The other particularly harmful substance is radon. Many people do not think of radon when they think of gases that could potentially get into their homes and harm their families.

Many people do not even know what radon is. Radon is a radioactive gas that is formed from the decay of uranium that can be found in most soil.

Radon usually works its way up through the soil and into homes through cracks in solid floors. Radon can even contaminate your water supply if your water comes from a well in the ground.

If radon gets into your home through one of these means, it can get trapped inside your home. It is important for homeowners to realize that radon can enter any type of home: old homes, new homes, well-sealed homes, homes with basements, etc.

Radon is no respecter of homes. The only way to find out if radon has infiltrated your home is to get it tested. Radon testing in West Valley is particularly important.

Radon levels have been reported to be rather high in West Valley, Utah. Radon testing in West Valley is imperative if you want to keep your friends and family safe.

Radon is a particularly deadly gas because it is completely invisible to the human eye. We cannot see it entering our homes, and so we cannot be certain it is there.

This is why getting your home tested for the presence of radon is imperative. There are no visible symptoms if someone has been contaminated with radon.

Radon has been studied extensively, and has been shown to be linked to the appearance of lung cancer in individuals. Radon contamination is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.

Some people choose to test their homes for radon by themselves. If you choose to do this, you can purchase a do-it-yourself home radon test that is fairly easy to use.

Radon tests come in two types. One type is the short-term radon test, and the other is the long-term radon test.

Most homeowners choose to use a short-term do-it-yourself kit because they are less expensive and deliver results quickly. These kits are very easy to use and come with intuitive and simple instructions.

Follow the instructions that come with the kit to insure that you have successfully tested your home for high radon levels. Keep in mind that radon levels are usually the highest during the winter when your heater is running.

In regards to locations in your home, radon is likely to be the highest on your lowest level. So if you have a basement, radon levels are likely to be the highest in your basement.

After you’ve tested your home for radon, be sure to either test your home or get your home tested once every two years.

Aerolite Group, which is centered in West Jordan, has set up routine inspections and reminders to help people with radon sustainable home stay safe. If you need a radon test in West Jordan, call them up!

Otherwise find a good place to routinely check your home for radon to keep your loved ones safe.

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