Keyless Digital Door Lock Buying Guide

Safety and convenience are two of the most desired features of almost any security product on the market today.  While carrying keys is a common task of almost everyone, the release of new and improved digital door lock systems have made life much easier, and surprisingly far more safe.  No longer will you have to shuffle through your purse during dark hours, or ponder on where your house keys are located, with a secure and reliable keyless digital door lock.  With several manufacturers and distributors producing and selling new digital door lock technology, researching your purchase to find a high quality and affordable lock is the key to a safe home.

Keyless Entry Locks is one of the leading names in keyless digital door locks, and provides a solution to home security that requires no keys, no wires and no batteries.  The premise of these locks are for homeowners and business owners to create their own 4 to 6-digit key code for entry to their home without the use of a key.  With installation in mind, Keyless Entry Locks has developed a dependable product that requires no electrical wiring or batteries to function.  The key code can be changed at any time, and the locking mechanism cannot be picked or bumped making it far more secure than a traditional keyed lock.

Digital Door LockMany consumers wonder why un-keyed locks are more secure than those with keys.  These locking mechanisms are designed to be unpickable, because there is no use of a key.  A common misconception is a traditional locked door is the key to residential security.  Sadly enough, trained criminals and professionals are able to pick a keyed lock in a matter of seconds and gain access to your property with no knowledge.  The Lockey digital door lock system is recognized as the most reliable and secure brand name on the market in the digital door lock industry.  Their locks come with a 5-year weatherproof warranty, along with a lifetime warranty against hacksaw or intruder damage.

Any home or commercial building with a keyless locking system, should always back up their security with an additional deadbolt on any door leading to the outside world.  These deadbolts without a key override option will provide you safety and peace of mind during times you are within the residence.  Maximizing security in areas you work and lay your head is important and should be taken in proactive measures.

For consumers and safety-conscious homeowners, most door locking systems without keys have a key override option, which is great for home entry versatility.  These overrides allow owners and welcome residents to use either the code or a compatible key to gain entry to the building or residence.  For apartments, condominiums, and dorm rooms that are equipped with more than one lock and one occupant, these override options are perfect and much appreciated.  Override options can be programmed with a single code as well as a master key that can be given to anyone with permissive entry.  With finishes that will match any interior and exterior home decor, you can bask in both safety and style.

When shopping for keyless digital locks look for several features that will suit your needs within your home.  Various keypads have various additional features that will make operation and programming easier.  While some keypads allow only the entry of one universal key code, others can be programmed with multiple secret codes that can be given to various residents and roommates.  For offices with several employees, these keypads can electrically keep an audit trail or who enters and time stamp this entry for security purposes.  With intelligent locks, even with the code doors will only unlock during specific days of the week and hours of the day.  A simple feature that is desired both residential and commercially is the lighted feature such as can be found on the ERA digital door lock.

Home robberies and commercial burglaries account for over half of the non-violent crimes committed in the United States annually.  Take the easy and safe approach to security by installing a quality digital door lock that is reliable and affordable.  If you are considering one of these locks for the front door for all the advantages discussed, consider a keyless patio door lock, garage lock and side door lock too. Why improve the security of one door and give the burglar other simple options to enter. Never worry about losing your keys, or losing your key to safety with these wise investments.

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