DIY Security Systems For Home Use


A home security system is something that you hope you will never need to rely on. In the case of a break-in, however, protecting your home with an alarm system could mean the difference between a minor hassle and a major disaster. In the past, the only option for homeowners besides stringing some cans behind the door was to hire an expensive service to manage the installation. Recently though, DIY security systems for home use have arrived on the market, offering a convenient middle ground for consumers.

There are many devices now available that can be personally installed offering a host of features. Besides low initial cost, these DIY alarm systems continue to save you money because they are not tied into a professional service. Instead, these systems will call you or anyone else you choose if the alarm is triggered. You can then make the call to the police or take another course of action. By cutting out the middleman you save the monthly fee and maintain more control over your personal security.

DIY Security Systems For Home

Macally DIY Wireless Home Alarm System Kit

One of the most popular items currently on the market is the Macally Air-Alarm1 SecurityMan DIY system. This compact device supports up to 60 wireless sensors that owners can install themselves on windows, doors, or interior spaces. The device can trigger an alarm as well as send messages to up to five different phone numbers.

This quality product is extremely cost effective and can be customized to any use. Easy wireless installation makes this a tidy home security solution. Another similar device is the Skylink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System.

Only slightly more expensive, this device lets you personalize your outgoing message and can send notifications to up to 9 phone numbers.

Some DIY security systems for home use incorporate cameras instead of motion sensors. The LTS 4-Camera H.264 DVR Security System is a great solution for do-it-yourselfers who would like to utilize camera technology without getting overwhelmed by technical details.

Included in the package are four video cameras and everything else you need to install them and stream recorded images over the internet. While this system is more expensive, it is still a bargain for worldwide internet access to live feed from your home or business. The VideoSecu 4 Channel CCTV Security Camera is a similar product and costs slightly less. Be aware, however, that this system requires more computer expertise to set up and does not include all of the necessary cables.

The addition of DIY alarm and surveillance systems to the marketplace means that a middle ground now exists for consumers who want extra security but who don’t want to make a huge investment. Because these systems only require a one time expense, easy installation, and minimum maintenance, it is hard to find a reason not to invest in extra security. Everyone hopes they will never need an alarm system, but these inexpensive devices will let you rest assured that a system is in place just in case.

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