Dog Gates For The House

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Anyone who has ever had a hyperactive puppy, constantly in motion and trying to run about every inch of the house, knows the difficulty in preventing a young dog from getting into areas that you want to be off-limits. Dog gates for the house have become a popular feature for pet lovers looking to keep their clumsy or energetic dog from doing damage to a carpet, a piece of furniture, or a treasured valuable by closing off certain rooms. Many different companies specialize in providing high quality dog gates, but each is designed for a different feature or different size pet. This dog gates buying guide should assist those looking for a solution.

Like any large pet, a dog requires a considerable degree of movement in order to be happy and healthy, necessitating certain spaces in the house to be closed off to prevent damage. Many owners simply choose to restrict dogs from all but one or two rooms in favor of an extended area outside protected by an electric fence or similar boundary, but not all dogs can live comfortably outdoors, especially in extreme weather conditions. What is more, dogs require social contact with their owners (or other dogs), and keeping them out of the house for an extended period of time will make them feel neglected. Many gates are best used at the foot of a staircase, so that dogs can be kept out of the upper rooms. If you have an elderly or infirm dog, you can use a gate to cordon off stairs and depressions to avoid injury to the dog in risky circumstances.

Ultimately, the best gate will reflect the needs of a specific dog. Size, strength, and stability in a gate is merely a choice of how large your dog is, how aggressive it may be, and how often it may try to leap over or break down a gate. Naturally, smaller dogs may not require a gate much higher than a foot, while a retriever, shepherd, or similar large dog may need one as high as four feet. If you own one of the very largest dogs available, such as a mastiff, the fence has to be strong enough to withstand several hundred pounds of pressure in case the dog becomes upset or afraid. Most dogs, however, if properly trained, will not harm or force down a gate, and the vast majority of dogs are simply not strong enough to succeed if they tried.

Carlson dog gates

Carlson extra wide dog gates for the house may be some of the least expensive models available on the market. A simple white plastic, these products add little eye appeal but do not lack in functionality. These are meant to block off extended spaces, such as an entire kitchen, from dogs that may frequently be underfoot or looking for attention at inopportune times. Carlson gates, however, have door slots that can be unlocked so that your dog (or cat) can easily and safely get through the barrier when necessary. While these gates are the least expensive, they are also some of the least durable. The gate fixes by pressure to a wall and does not require any attachments, but dogs larger than the size of a collie may be able to force the barrier down. Customers have generally been pleased with the quality of Carlson gates, claiming that the directions are somewhat unclear and the structure may be unusual, but performs an admirable job and only rarely breaks down.

Richell Wood dog gates

Richell Wood one-touch extra tall dog gates for the house offer much more aesthetically pleasing products, made from hardwood or even wrought iron. As such, the decorative strength matches the utility, making them almost impossible to break or force down and not subject to crumpling or bending.

Dog Gates For The House

Richell One-Touch Adjustable Pet Gate

The cost, of course, also follows suit. While Richell Wood dog gates for the house are not inexpensive options, they are pricier than the basic plastic model. At nearly four feet tall, these gates can keep all but the largest dog safely and securely in place, with a one-touch mechanism that allows you to easily unlatch the gate and allow a pet to enter or exit.

Dog Gate-N-Crate dog gates

Perhaps the highest quality pet gate available on the market is the Dog Gate-N-Crate, pure wooden dog gates for the house that double as bedding areas or “time-out” zones for dogs in training. The Gate-N-Crate costs much more than those of several competitors, but provides 360 degrees of protection and security for a dog, can be placed in any area of a house, is resistant to some outdoor weathering, and easily slides into place for set up or take down. This gate is optimal for small or medium-sized dogs, but even larger breeds can be restricted. What is more, it is ideal for other pets requiring specific living areas, such as rabbits or ferrets.

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