The Benefits of a Dummy CCTV Camera

Homeowners increasingly recognise the need for effective security in and around their property and this includes for many a surveillance system or the appearance of one for the deterrent element it affords. Equally, when businesses struggle in a difficult economy, more and more owners turn to a CCTV camera system or the use of a dummy CCTV camera set up as a tool to help keep honest people honest, and keep dishonest people away from their premises. Full property surveillance can be cost prohibitive and in the case of business may also require extra staff to monitor the system. With a dummy CCTV camera, homeowners and business owners alike can give potential pilferers the impression that some or all of the home or business is covered by 24/7 video security.

Pros of Dummy Security Cameras

Dummy CCTV cameras provide a way for those who are not technically savvy, or those that are on a very limited budget to put a veil of security in place for their home or business. These cameras are virtually indistinguishable from real security camera system devices. Units are shaped like a real camera, come in various designs, even come with the blinking lights people associate with security cameras, although the reality is that a camera with a blinking light is more likely a CCTV dummy camera than it is a real CCTV camera.

More important than the lights and the shapes are the mock cabling that clearly define the dummy CCTV security camera as one with the potential to provide video feed to a security system. Despite the growing availability of wireless CCTV kits, the presence of cabling lends more credibility than a simple camera that does not appear to be attached to a recording device.

Dummy CCTV CameraOther advantages exist beyond the cost of the actual cameras. Installation is much easier on a dummy CCTV camera, requiring less time or involvement of a professional installer. There is no cabling to pull and connect, just the short cables required to make the camera look like a real security camera. These cameras tend to modify behavior best when used in conjunction with signage and stickers warning people that they are under surveillance.

A commonly accepted positive influence of incorporating fake CCTV cameras into a real security camera system is that it extends coverage. The most value you realize from dummy cameras is the keeping honest people honest effect. A true criminal will attempt to outwit a security system, regardless of its expense or comprehensiveness of coverage.

Mock warnings and dummy cameras keep people who would normally be honest but are tempted for some reason to follow their natural tendencies instead of the pressure to get something for nothing or misbehave in some manner. Thinking that they are under surveillance can push people to do the right thing and not engage in illegal activities.

Possible downsides of a Dummy CCTV Camera

The fact of the matter is that installing dummy security camera is really so much decoration. Because it is not recording, it provides neither increased visibility of what is going on around your premises nor does it provide material for the police or an investigator to use in the course of apprehending real criminals.

The largest risk comes if the “fake” nature of your security cameras becomes known. Some thieves are well educated in the true design and installation of real security systems. These masters of the break-in recognize quickly when a home or business is not making use of or monitoring a real camera system. By testing security system responses, he or she may quickly come to the conclusion your cameras are fake. If it is discovered, you may find that thieves and other criminals talk to one another and your business or home could suffer from a terrible run of theft and vandalism if those are problems in your area. Sadly of course, a fake CCTV camera will naturally not provide the evidence needed for prosecution either.

Any camera system, real or dummy, is most effective against property crime. If the crimes in your area tend to be either violent or alcohol related, no camera will impact the likelihood of these crimes. This is because violent or drunk people generally do not care about consequences or consider the implications of their crime being caught on tape. It is only the rational criminal that worries about this type of security coverage.

In the end, a real and dummy CCTV kit will have similar preventative effects for certain types of crime. If you have concerns about protecting your home from burglars, or crime in a public place, such as inside a store or in the parking lot of a business, these dummy cameras may be an inexpensive way to gain the benefits enjoyed by more comprehensive security systems. Properly deployed, installed and with attention called to them by appropriate signage, these are just one tool in reducing the cost of shrink and increasing the overall site security of your home or business.

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