Dummy CCTV Cameras: Buying & Placement Guide

If you are on a limited budget and require equipment that will provide you with passive security for your home or retail environment, dummy CCTV cameras have become a popular solution for budget-conscious consumers. While the dummy camera is a crime prevention product that is designed to scare off would-be burglars, they must be chosen with care as the most seasoned criminals are going to be skilled in dummy CCTV camera detection.

While real security cameras are effective in security monitoring and crime prevention, larger-sized building and properties can cost an arm and a leg to secure. If you are developing a strategy to deter intruders for less, consider investing in a high quality and 100% authentic looking dummy camera for your residential or commercial application. The types of fake CCTV kits you consider investing in along with the product placement will determine the ultimate success of your new crime prevention strategy.

Interior Dummy CCTV Cameras for Your Property

The type of CCTV dummy camera you invest in will depend entirely upon the type of building you are protecting and whether the dummy camera is for inside or outside use. For retail business owners, a dummy CCTV security camera can overwhelm potential shoplifters and give them the feeling that they are under constant watch. This will decrease your need for security guards on staff and will lower your annual loss prevention budget overall.  Spending a little more initially could save you thousands down the line. The most popular types of dummy applications used indoors in retail environments are referred to as dummy dome CCTV cameras. These are domes that are typically seen in retail stores around the country; however, they do not actually have a functional security camera installed inside.

When choosing a dummy dome security camera, there are two different types to choose from depending on your budget. The least expensive of the two is the standard dome. Standard domes are nothing special and mimic the look of a security dome without the camera. The more expensive of the two is the battery powered lighted dome. These dummy domes have a small LED light installed inside the dome to appear as if there is a recording camera inside. They are more effective, and far less easy to detect by seasoned shoplifters.

The placement of your dome cameras is very important in developing an effective theft deterrent strategy. Some retailers will choose to invest in a small amount of real cameras for store entrances and exits, and will outfit the majority of the store with dummy domes. This is a vert cost-effective and intelligent strategy as it will appear that the eye in the sky is always watching.

Exterior Camera Types

Equally, exterior dummy CCTV cameras can be used for both residential and commercial crime prevention. These exterior cameras will resemble one that is seen outside a bank or other type of high-risk institution. While there is no real camera inside the casing, the casing will need to resemble that of a real recording security system. There are several different types of dummy camera including lighted, motion activated and those with fake cords. Choosing the one that is right for you is important in successfully preventing theft or break-ins at your location.

Dummy CCTV CamerasThe most inexpensive of the exterior cameras are not battery operated and have no special frills. More effective models, such as the motion camera, are powered by batteries and will move in a random motion so that intruders feel the camera is constantly monitoring the environment. These models come with lighted options that have a red blinking light. It is recommended to avoid these, as most if not all real cameras will not have a recording light that flashes. This is the first sign to burglars that they are being unsuccessfully fooled. Consider looking for models with fake audiovisual cords that run into the home. These increase the perception that the burglar is being monitored and recorded.

The exterior placement of dummy cameras, just as with an operational system, should cover all entry and exit points to the property. This includes the garage and the cellar if there is external access to this. If you are combining real and dummy cameras, consider placing the real cameras on the higher risk entry points, such as the back door, patio doors and garage doors if these lead in to the home. A camera placed at the main entrance is also a very effective deterrent, helping persuade a burglar to move on to an easier target at the very early stages of their planning process, and covering all boundaries if possible will ensure a truly comprehensive security solution.

In Conclusion

Dummy CCTV cameras look very real and can be the answer many business owners and homeowners with limited funds are looking for. While there is no guarantee that they will work all the time, working even once will provide you with the crime prevention you desire with little money out of pocket. Without doubt, an intruder will think twice about home burglary and a shoplifter may think twice about stealing merchandise if the feel like they are being watched by that eye in the sky. Take proactive steps to finding real-looking cameras and take placement seriously. With the right dome and standard CCTV kit, you can proactively protect your home and business without spending an arm and a leg. Review the products available on the Internet and find dummy units at a discounted price, or enquire with market leaders such as Lorex security camera suppliers or Security Cameras Direct. With the proper preparation and product, you will be one-step closer to crime prevention.

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