Everything You Need To Know About Water Restoration

Any damage to your water supply either as a result of fire or a natural disaster requires speedy restoration. This is important in order to prevent further damage which can jeopardize the compensation process from your insurance company. Before the restorers arrive on site, here is a list of things that you can do in the meantime:

Switch off power in the areas affected by the damage. Do the same with the water valves by shutting them down in order to stop further flow of water. You should only do this if it is safe for you. You will need to do a lot of cleaning on your own such as polishing your wood flooring and other things. Having the right tools around like a wet/dry vacuum, hammer, and floor polisher can make things much easier. Use this link to find the right power tools you need to repair your home. Here are some things you can do before the water restoration experts get to your home:

  • Remove books, newspapers, magazines and carpets from the floor. Any other items that get affected by moisture should also be removed.
  • Wipe the wet areas using a rug or towels.
  • If you suspect the damage might have come from an unclean water source, stay away from the moist areas.
  • Avoid switching on the air conditioner or heating equipment as they can spread the contaminated air.
  • Stay away from electrical appliances and don’t try to use them. Neither should you try to vacuum the water. You stand a risk of getting an electric shock
  • In all circumstances, your safety and that of your family members should come first.

Here is how you can find a reputable water restoration contractor:


If you know of someone who has been in a similar situation before, contact him or her. Ask them about the company they dealt with and whether they can recommend their services to others. If the service wasn’t good, your friend will always say so.

The internet

Surf the web and find a contractor. The internet is not just for shopping or networking online. You can get competent and reasonably priced water restoration companies. Go through the service menus and company profiles. Read what past customers have had to say about the companies you are about to hire.


This is important. Check whether your desired contractor has been certified by the relevant authorities. Certification acts as proof that you are dealing with professionals. It is also a sign that the services are in accordance with top quality standards.


For people with property insurance, talk to your agent. He/she should be able to give some references. This is because the two categories of professionals handle interrelated assignments. The industries are interlinked in some ways. Your agent will refer you to a contractor whom he knows performs restoration tasks expeditiously. Even as the agent does provide some assistance, you should conduct some research on the contractor’s firm. See whether the company offers the services you seek.

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