Fake Security Cameras

Security is an extremely important concern for all kinds of property owners. Whether you are trying to prevent people from breaking into your own home, or into a business premises for which you are responsible, fake security cameras can be an effective deterrent that will have a good chance of putting off would-be criminals from trying to enter your property illegally.

Also known as a dummy CCTV camera, a fake camera is the shell of a regular security camera but without all of the internal components, which enable recording. These cameras play a prevention role only and are not designed to catch anyone in the act of committing a crime.

The obvious advantage of using a fake security camera instead of a fully functioning video security system is the low costs involved with installing and maintaining the equipment. A surveillance system will cost several thousand dollars when the cameras themselves, the computer equipment, and installation are taken into account. For many property owners, spending this kind of money in order to protect their homes or businesses just does not make financial sense. Fake Security CamerasFake camera systems are also very easy to set up when compared to full surveillance systems. Installation can be completed by a homeowner themselves and most of the time the cameras will be ready to use straight out of the box.

There are several types of fake security cameras that you can purchase. The best one for you will depend on your premises and your individual needs. A fake outdoor security camera system will primarily be used to deter people who are thinking of breaking in to your property or vandalizing it. These will be designed to look as similar to real cameras as possible. Some models will even be imitations of popular video cameras that are currently being produced. These will usually be the most effective.

When looking into buying a fake outdoor camera you will need to be sure that it will fool anyone who is tempted to commit an offence on your property. One thing you will need to look out for is the number of cables or leads that are attached to the housing. Authentic cameras that are capable of recording video will have two leads, as each one is used to carry different kinds of data. Some dummy cameras have only one lead and these will not be sufficient to fool experienced criminals or anyone with a working knowledge of security equipment. If you choose a camera that rotates in order to give the impression it has a view of a large area, try to avoid models that move from side to side in one continuous motion. Many quality video cameras will use motion detectors that move the camera only when something triggers the sensor mechanism.

To name a few of the market leaders you might want to consider identifying a dummy version of, check out at Astak, Defender, Videosecu and Lorex security cameras. If you want to combine dummy cameras with an operational system, it is advisable to stick to the same brand for both. Certainly, these brands will give you a great range of options. For example, you will be able to find a Lorex security camera that offers night vision capabilities, outdoor or indoor functionality and with wireless options for easy install. Alternatively, popular fake security cameras are sold by these leading manufacturers; UniquExceptional, SE & Securityman.

Some dummy systems are designed specifically for use indoors. These cameras are often used inside business premises to detect any staff members stealing from the business. A dome design will often be used for these cameras. They will be placed on a ceiling, giving a clear view of the whole floor. The glass or plastic dome will often be tinted, making it very difficult to tell which way the camera is facing, or even if it is switched on.

Whenever you use indoor or outdoor fake security cameras to protect your property, you will need to be aware of potential liability issues that can arise if someone suffers a loss in your premises. They could argue that the camera gave them a false sense of security. These kinds of court cases have been decided against property owners in the past where fake cameras failed to deter criminals.

A final note on placement. If you are buying fake security cameras for your home, consider possibly using a live camera for the key entry points and supplementary dummy cameras for less important areas, perhaps for outbuildings, and pointing out over the gardens. This is a great way to maximize a security system on a budget. And whichever fake security cameras you choose, don’t go for ones that have a flashing light; it’s pretty much only the dummy cameras that have this. For some reason the manufacturer’s feel they need to offer something other than just the casing and imitation lens to justify what they charge. But a criminal can spot them a mile off.

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