Features Of A Good Shed Alarm

A disturbing reality is that these days a padlock is simply not a sufficient measure of security for your shed. Criminals will go to any length if they think they can steal something valuable from your storage facility; from lifting a shed door off its hinges to going in through the roof, the methods of some intruders will not only leave you without your belongings, but with a bill for your destroyed property as well. A shed alarm or a motion detector alarm offers the perfect solution to your security needs. However, it is essential to consider what the features of a good alarm are before making a purchase.

Sheds can be used for a variety of purposes, but most people use them to store expensive garden tools and equipment. Generally they are kept in the backyard away from the home, which means that it is not always possible to hear or see a break-in. Therefore, you need a comprehensive alarm that covers all necessary angles.

The sensors supplied for various contact points are one of the first things you should be looking at in this type of security system. Sensors have the capability to detect when someone has opened a door or window, broken glass, or gone in through the roof of your shed. Motion detection devices use advanced Passive Infrared Red technology and are extremely sensitive to movement, making them effective in letting the control panel know when something is amiss.

Besides a motion detector there are many other different types of sensors, including those that detect elements such as smoke, temperature, and noise and most commonly, door and window contact points. When an entry point is open and the contact broken, an alarm is triggered.

It is essential to place the contacts in strategic areas so the entire shed is protected. If the alarm model you select does not include the number of contacts you require then you should purchase additional units.

Consider the characteristics and capabilities of the keypad included with the system too. Generally shed alarms come with a programmable security code, but many keypads offer additional features. Keep in mind though that the alarm should be easy to arm and disarm when necessary. Ultimately you need a system that is easy to use and works when required.

Another feature to look at is whether or not the alarm is a standalone or if it can be wall mounted. Wireless technology has brought us a long way, providing us with the benefit of quick, convenient and easy installation. Buying a hard-wired or wireless shed alarm depends greatly on whether you have a power supply to your shed. Battery operated alarm devices are popular among shed owners as they are effective and affordable.

Sirens can be a great form of defense as many criminals flee at the first sign of a loud noise. Since sheds are often situated away from the home a siren needs to be effective and reliable. The siren supplied with the shed alarm model you choose must be loud enough to alert people within the vicinity.

Depending on the size of your shed and the value of its contents you might consider a shed alarm equipped with additional surveillance devices, such as cameras. Some of the Yale alarm models, for instance, are available with a CCTV kit. Besides providing an additional method of protection, a camera acts as your eyes when you are not there.

Yale Shed AlarmSome CCTV kits are also available with motion detectors. This means the camera will be triggered to record when it detects movement. Cameras can be installed within your shed and on the outside. The number of cameras you purchase depends on the type of coverage you want, but it is best to look for a shed alarm system that supports more than one unit.

A good shed alarm will also have modern aesthetics. When an alarm system or various security devices are visible they can act as an effective deterrent for many would-be burglars. However, you may want a contemporary slim line and compact device that is appealing to the eye. The last thing you want is an alarm system that is visible for all the wrong reasons.

Many Yale shed alarms are also capable of protecting houses, flats and caravans. This gives you the added advantage of flexible security. Consider customizing your system by linking other products in the Yale product range. This could include handy devices such as security lights, locks, and a remote key fob that allows you to arm and disarm the system from a distance. In addition, a variety of the models available are maintenance free and tamper-proof, adding to their overall convenience, functionality and practicality.

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