Finding Top Quality File Cabinet Locks

There are many different types of file cabinet locks. While there are definitely both high quality and low quality locks on the market, one thing to keep in mind is that the best file cabinet lock for you may be different from what a friend or colleague uses. A lot depends on how secure you need to keep your filing cabinet, whether other people need to access the cabinet or not, and what your budget is.

Adding Keyless File Cabinet Locks:

Keyless filing cabinet locks are good quality and may be just what you need if you are regularly misplacing the keys to a regular lock. Misplaced keys defeat the purpose of having a lock in the first place; after all, what good is a top quality lock if the keys are lying right on your desk?

Another advantage to keyless locks is that you do not have to change the locks on the filing cabinets if the business has a turnover of personnel. The password for a keyless lock can easily be changed, allowing you to continue to use the same lock for an indefinite period.

There are a few different types of keyless locks that you can add to filing cabinets. One good option is the Kaba File Guard Keyless Filing Cabinet Lock; this lock incorporates a steel bar that can be installed on a filing cabinet; to unlock the cabinet, you would need to type in a password. You can order a two drawer, four drawer or five-drawer lock of this nature; these locks can also be custom made for an additional fee. They offer good protection and are reasonably priced and are suitable for most offices and businesses.

Another high quality option is the Numeric Keypad eLock by CompX. This electronic lock includes an exterior numeric keypad, inside motorized latch, battery compartment, latch cable, and detailed installation instructions. It features enhanced security and an audit trail of the last 1,500 access attempts with date, time and user name. The memory is non-volatile and the lock comes with a one-year warranty. While this type of lock may be an expensive and unnecessary investment if your filing cabinet is at home and all you want to do is prevent your children from getting into it, such a lock may be a good choice for a hospital, research lab or a cabinet with sensitive or classified material.

Filing Cabinet LocksLock bar mechanism:

An alternative is to use a locking bar which fits externally down the length of a filing cabinet and over each drawer. It is typically locked in place with a padlock and can be used instead of or in addition to other locks for each individual file drawer.

Purchasing a Locking File Cabinet:

Another option is purchasing a file cabinet with a lock as integral. The cost of file cabinets varies a lot depending on the size you need, what brand name you buy and of course, what type of lock it has. A file cabinet can be made from either hardwood, wood composite (aka faux wood) or metal.

When purchasing a file cabinet, you should consider what amenities you need it to have. You can purchase one with either a key lock or an electronic lock. The latter option is a bit pricier; however, an electronic lock can often offer better security. Keys can be misplaced or stolen; having an electronic lock makes it a lot more difficult for someone to break into your filing cabinet.

If the filing cabinet is used to store important papers, you may want to consider a fireproof file cabinet, such as the FireKing 44″ four Drawer Lateral Fireproof Metal File Cabinet (with regular key lock) or the Fireproof Legal Vertical File with Four Drawers and Electronic Lock. The latter uses electric combination file cabinet locks; it has one master code and you can add up to eight different codes, as needed. This particular cabinet also locks automatically as soon as you close it.

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