Fire Extinguisher Suppliers

Every household, business and organization should have a reliable fire extinguisher set up. As this is a given, you need to know of fire extinguisher suppliers that can provide reliable and safe fire extinguishers to fit your needs. Suppliers of fire extinguishers are just as important as the product itself. You do not want to find yourself dealing with a shady fire extinguisher supplier that will leave you, your family, employees or others in danger because the product did not work. This article will look at the product itself and the suppliers too.

What to Look for in a Fire Extinguisher

The key factor to consider is which type of fire they are suitable for. Fires and fire extinguishers are rated A, B, C, D and K, with each letter relates to the combustible material they are designed for. A is for organic solids like wood and paper, B is flammable liquids, C flammable gasses, D for fires involving metals and K for oils and fats. Some extinguishers are specific to only one of these categories, others are designed to tackle ABC fires or other combinations.

Amongst the other features you need to consider is a comparison of extinguishers according to weight. This reflects their portability and ease to operate, but also is linked to the amount of extinguishing product they contain and therefore this size of the fire they will be able to control. You can find extinguishers that weigh as little as 2 pounds or even as much as 20 pounds. Fire Extinguisher SuppliersMany of them have operating pressures of 100 psi while some may have an operating pressure of 195 psi. You might also want to consider the range the extinguisher reaches. The typical range is between 12 and 20 feet, so you have to decide which is most important to you. Another important factor is the discharge time. Smaller fire extinguishers may have a discharge time of between 8.5 and 10.5 seconds. Larger models have a longer discharge time of between 20 and 24 seconds.

How to Find the Right Suppliers

There are a huge range of fire extinguisher suppliers all across the country. For instance, Amerex Corp. manufactures extinguishers out of Trussville, Alabama. Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, is a manufacturer and service company that provides extinguishers for commercial, governmental, industrial, institutional and residential purposes. This company has water-based sprinkler products as well as lines of dry chemical, foam and gaseous extinguishing products among their products. Companies like Seaboard Fire & Safety out of Oakhurst, New Jersey, are distributors of products for commercial, industrial and marine purposes.

There are many other companies with multiple locations around the country such as Airgas, Jorgensen & Co. and Sanderson Safety Supply Co. that also provide other services such as hazard assessment as well as maintenance and repair functions. They also have a variety of extinguisher products such as wheeled extinguishers, multiple purpose extinguishers, liquid extinguishers, hand portable extinguishers, dry chemical hand portable extinguishers and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers among other safety products.

There are also suppliers who are custom manufacturers of extinguisher products such as Global Equipment Co. in Port Washington, New York; Lab Safety Supply, Inc. in Janesville, Wisconsin; and MSC Industrial Supply Co. in Melville, New York. Lab Safety Supply for one carries all types of extinguishers and extinguisher products including auto, CO2, combustible metal, dry chemical, foam, high performance tri-class dry chemical, rapid cool down spray, service lite fire, wet chemical and wheeled ABC extinguishers. Companies such as Safety Today carry industrial strength units. These extinguishers may be wheeled units up to 350 pounds used for airline, commercial, industrial and military purposes. The company also carries other supplies and accessories like carbon monoxide alarms, escape ladders and smoke alarms. Seton Identification Products boast dry chemical extinguishers effective on multiple fire surfaces including burning liquids, electrical equipment, paper, rubbish, textiles and wood.

Determining Your Fire Extinguisher Needs

If you want an extinguisher for your home, you may want to go with a smaller model. For example, you may go for a middleweight extinguisher from Buckeye. The five-pound, ABC dry chemical extinguisher uses monoammonium phosphate and has a steel cylinder with an aluminum handle and valve. It has an operating power of 195 psi and a discharge time of 14 seconds. It also has a maximum range of 18 feet. This rechargeable model also features a metal mounting bracket. However, this model is not disposable if this is a feature you want in your extinguisher. An ABC extinguisher will deal with most household fires, but you may want a specialist K rated model for kitchen fires involving oil and fat.

For added peace of mind, you may prefer a more heavy duty 20-pound extinguisher from Kidde. This model is similar to the one from Buckeye in that it has a steel cylinder casing and aluminum valve, uses a dry chemical agent to extinguish and has an operating power of 195 psi but has some noticeable differences. This model uses the proplus dry chemical agent nontoxic mono ammonium phosphate as its extinguishing agent. It has a longer discharge time of 20 to 24 seconds and a range between 16 and 20 feet. The curved steel handle also comes with a hose.

These are just some of the many options to consider when determining the type of extinguisher that best fits your needs. You might also want to look at the portability of the extinguisher, a factor of its size and weight but also whether it comes mounted on wheels or not. There are also a range of storage options, from using mounting brackets to fix the extinguisher to the wall, or they can come in a cabinet.

The key is to find a supplier that has the extinguisher to fit. You need to check if this supplier has residential, commercial, industrial or other options before you commit to them. You will also prefer a specific extinguishing agent depending on the fire risks present. No matter what type of extinguisher you need, just be certain the supplier is as reliable as the product.

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