Which Fire Hose Reel To Buy?

As well as considering the best fire extinguishers for sale to reduce the potential damage caused by a fire, commercial and some large residential properties will need to consider the options regarding a fire hose and reel set up. A fire hose reel uses a controlled amount of water to fight a potential fire hazard. These hoses are much larger than the typical garden hose and deliver much more water power than smaller hoses. Fire hose reels come with a ball valve shut off device, a mounting bracket and a nozzle constructed usually of plastic or solid brass. This nozzle allows the user to control the direction and flow of the water in order to be more effective in fighting the fire hazard.

One can purchase fire hose reel parts individually or as a whole unit. There are many outlets with fire hose reels for sale, so businesses, organizations or individuals can source these reels as part of their safety efforts and preparedness. They can cost a few hundred dollars or as much as a couple of thousand depending upon the features of the hose reel. It is possible to find a large selection of products from online outlets that carry reels with professional capabilities from the most familiar brands.

Some reels do not have hoses while some like the Hannay Super Booster Hose Reel includes the following parts: an all-aluminum frame, aluminum disks, drive chain, drum, fastenings, hub assembly, sprocket and swivel joint. Although this set is made of durable material, it weighs much less than most other standard booster reels. The sprocket is powered by an electric motor while a chain controls the rewind. This set also requires no finishing or pointing. Of course, the Hannay Super Booster reel costs much more than many other hose reels, but it may be a worthwhile investment for those who need the features included in this model.

Fire Hose ReelThe Coxwell Live Electric Hose Rewind Reel does not have an accompanying hose but will hold an O.D. hard rubber hose up to 300 feet long or an I.D. hard rubber hose up to 200 feet long. This device is powered by an electric motor rewind and has an optional hose roller and spool assemblies. This brand also features the Coxwell Live Manual Hose Rewind Reel that is similar to the electric reel. In this case, the axel attached hand crank is detachable so the user can make it a permanent or temporary fixture to the reel. Like all live reels, this reel has a rotary joint so that the hose can be fully charged and used for extended periods of time. The manual reel costs less than the electric reel, so one must decide which would be more convenient for one’s needs.

There are other hose reels that may not hold hoses as long as these, but they have many useful features and will generally have smaller price tags. Some of these hose reels come under categories such as enclosed air and water reels or the roll-a-reel platform. For instance, Retracta reels have positive latching mechanisms so they can be mounted in any position. These reels are designed to keep hoses off the floor as a safety measure and are constructed of high impact UV stabilized weather resistant polypropylene. They also have a low rewind tension allowing the hose to pull out easily. Also, Retracta has color coded reels in its various models including the Compressed Air AR100/AR200, the Compressed Air/Water AW100/200 and the Cold Water CW100 among others.

People who want a fire hose reel for personal use also have a number of options at their disposal. In fact, there are many portable reels on the market like Reelcraft’s portable hose reel and cart. This design has an option of a hand crank or motor driven reel as well as a choice of Hose I.D. or Hose O.D., or a garden hose or industrial hose. The reel can hold up either to a 100 feet capacity or a 200 feet capacity. The cart also has many handy features such as handle adjustments in four positions, a baked on powder coat finish to keep the device durable and abrasion free and pneumatic or semi-pneumatic rubber tires. The prices of this particular brand varies dependent upon the model chosen and its features.

Some hose reels for primarily fire safety can also be used for everyday activities such as washing the car and watering the lawn. However, unless your lawn is massive, the types of hose and reel you choose is unlikely to as powerful as a professional strength reel. Furthermore, they will probably be much less expensive than a reel needed for commercial or professional use. Still, they may also be useful in case of an emergency since they are more powerful than a conventional garden hose. Whatever the choice, the water pressure level is a key variable and needs to be strong enough to support higher power hoses. Certainly though, these reels are versatile, so they may be a good investment for one who needs to use a hose for various purposes at home or in his or her profession or simply wants or is required to have this extra safety measure at the office.

Additional information is also available on here on a range of fireproof box products for key documentation and other valuables that you cannot afford to lose. Also known as a fire safe box, it should come with an approved fire rating that indicates the temperature it can withstand whilst maintaining a given internal temperature and for how long. Many of these boxes are also resistant to water damage, clearly a concern if water is used to put out a fire, or indeed in the event of flooding.

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