The Best Fire Safe Box

People who purchase a fire safe box buy security and peace of mind. Whatever is stored inside is safe from snoopy eyes and curious fingers. It is easy to find the perfect fireproof safe box for any use in just five easy steps. A purchaser does not need to spend hours or days researching the different boxes and ratings to find the right one if they spend a little time thinking about: 1, what they want to store inside this safe and secure unit; 2, where the unit will be placed and; 3, what fire rating is needed. Consideration should also be given to: 4, the size and; 5, the locking system to keep the items inside secure. With this information a purchaser can choose a fire safe security box that will work and provide the peace of mind they is looking for.

People keep any number of things in fire safe boxes. These items include jewelry, money, wills, firearms, documents and data stored on disks. The most common items secured inside these fire-protected walls are documents and data storage. Many safes are just one large, open interior space; adjustable shelves, pull out media drawers, document storage and racks can be added to customize this unit. Data storage requires a fireproof safe that will keep inside temperatures below 140°F; the plastic begins to melt at this temperature.

Fire Safe BoxThere are many portable safes available that are fire rated for either half an hour or one hour and can easily be transported from area to area by one person. These are small in size and weigh about 20 pounds; they work well for travelers who need security wherever they go. Most people prefer a built-in safe, one that is bolted to the floor or to a wall. Many people prefer to place safes in hard-to-locate or hidden areas, like behind a picture or a mirror making them harder for burglars to find. Many in-wall safes are made to be mounted in the shallow space between wall studs and are usually 4 inches deep and 16 inches wide. A larger fire safe box for documents can be bolted to the floor and placed in a closet or out of the way area in a room. Floor safes are quite heavy and can be large, depending on the need.

A fire safe box will typically offer a fire rating of one, two or three hours; not all of these are waterproof though. Statistics have proven that damages in a home are caused most frequently by a cooking fire, water damage due to a flood or a fire being extinguished, and burglars. The average fire only lasts 20 minutes and burns at 800°F. Most safes are tested at 1700°F. Many professional safe manufactures in the US have their safes tested by the Underwriters Laboratories, which was founded in 1894. The only purpose of the Underwriters Laboratories is to perform tests for public safety. To purchase a box or safe that has passed this test for fire rating, the label must say UL listed. This is a guarantee that it has met and exceeded the minimum requirements for the listing given. A fireproof box is not necessarily waterproof; a waterproof safe carry a waterproof label. An impact test is done by dropping the safe 30 feet; this is like having a three-story building collapse on it.

The interior size of a fire proof safe box is given in cubic feet. There are thousands of sizes available in different dimensions; a purchaser is sure to find one that will fill their needs. The exterior size is considerably larger than the interior space due to the type of construction and specialized material to increase the fire rating. For example, a one hour wall safe containing .94 cubic feet of space has an interior size of 12.88” x 10.38” x 12.25” and exterior dimensions of 16.5″ x 14.5″ x 19″ and weighs 82 pounds. To determine the best fire safe box in terms of convenience of size for the purchaser, they should put the items to be stored inside and obtain a rough measurement. The available budget will help determine the sizes that are available. Many of these are constructed out of 16-gauge steel with concealed hinges and a uni-body construction that is fully welded with no breaks. The exterior material is hard plate that is a material specially designed to disable drills.

A fire safe security box can have three different locking mechanisms, a combination of the three or all three for added safety. The easiest to open for both the owner and burglars is a key. The combination lock can be easily changed for the owner’s protection. It is a good idea to change the combination every few months for optimum security. The new style is a fingerprint safe which requires a battery to operate the fingerprint pad and can hold numerous fingerprints, allowing access by up to 30 different people.

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