Fireproof Box Pros and Cons

Quality and dependability are the two most important factors you should consider when deciding on a fireproof box. You are counting on it to protect your most treasured and irreplaceable possessions. Saving money by purchasing an inferior box is a bad idea. If by chance, something happens and your box is needed, it will only get one chance to do its job properly. When shopping for one, it is wise to consider the fireproof box pros and cons listed below.

The first thing to consider is just how fireproof the fire proof box actually is. There is a great deal of difference between the various models and you should always check that it has been constructed with composite fire cladding. This material offers much better fire protection than some other materials.

The second point is the length of time a fireproof box can keep its contents protected, so what internal temperature can be maintained dependent on the external temperature. These will vary greatly with different sizes and models so be sure to take this into consideration when making your decision.

So, the temperature of the fire will also be an important issue in the reliance of your fireproof box. Always check that your box has an adequate UL Rating as this will tell just how hot the fire can get before your box fails. An A grade fire safe box will give you the best protection at the highest temperatures and for the longest time. Some boxes do not have a rating at all meaning they have not been tested for the protection they claim to give.

You might also want to consider the option of a fireproof waterproof safe or box. It is a wise decision to go for a box that is waterproof for the simple reason that where there is a fire, there will hopefully be water to put it out. It would be a tragedy to protect your precious belongings from the fire only to lose them in the ensuing barrage of water used to put it out.

Fireproof Box Pros And ConsBeing airtight is another smart option for similar reasons to water proof. Where there is fire, there is smoke. And smoke can seep into the tiniest spaces and ruin valuable certificates and photos.

A final thing to consider is whether you require a lock and what kind of lock on your box. This will extend the security to cover against things like theft or even your children damaging what’s inside by accident. Ensuring that your box is secured to a floor or wall will also add to this type of security however some boxes are made from inferior steel which can be drilled and pried open. Always check for the materials that went into making your box before you take it home.

A fireproof box is definitely well worth investing in for the security of your important documents and certificates. Going to the trouble of checking for extra features and good quality materials will ensure their safekeeping should a tragedy occur.

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