Fireproof Cash Boxes: 3 Recommendations

A fireproof cash box is ideal for use at home and in the office to protect documents such as passports, certificates, deeds and insurance policies, USB devices as well as cash of course. Depending on the size of the box, it may also accommodate CDs and DVDs. Different models provide varying levels of protection from fire and water. The ideal box is lightweight, portable and opens on the top for easy access.

If you are looking for a fireproof box, you should spend some time researching different makes and designs until you find the model you that best suits your needs. As a starting point, you may want to compare boxes from Honeywell, Sentry and Phoenix, who are the key manufacturers of safes and security boxes. Their products are widely available online.

The Honeywell 2011 fire document box for paper protection accommodates documents up to A5 size and has a capacity of 4.8 litres. This is a good budget option that still provides up to 30 minutes of protection from fire. It has a key lock and a carry handle for easier handling.

Fireproof Cash Box BrandsThe Sentry F2300 fire and water document box has the added bonus of protection against water and with a capacity of 10.2 litres is over double the size of the Honeywell 2011. It protects documents up to A4 size from fire and water for up to 60 minutes. It comes with a lifetime replacement warranty in the event of a fire. This model is in the mid-budget price range.

The Phoenix Titan Security FS1250 Series offers a range of fireproof boxes, suitable for cash and many other valuables. This range has programmable key pads rather than regular keys, and some are more portable than others (depending on the size and capacity of each individual model). These Phoenix safes are “drop-tested”; they are dropped from 10 meters to stimulate falling through the floor of a burning building.

All three brands offer good options for fireproof boxes across all price ranges and your decision will probably come down to cost; shop around for the best offer on the model with the features you are looking for. You will also be able to find specialist products such as fireproof cash box, document box and digital storage box solutions from these companies too.

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